My 2017 Christmas List


SunnyLife Retro Portable Beach MP3 Smartphone Speaker with Radio

I’ve wanted this radio for a while now. All the Sunnylife Retro gadgets are pretty rad though. And now that David has built us a mighty fine deck in the backyard I am picturing myself sipping vodka-lemonades while blasting sweet tunes from this little pup.

Quay Australia Stray Cat Sunglasses

I just love how freaking huge these are, and that they’re pink.

Abercrombie 8 Perfume

100% a sentimental scent for me. I used to douse myself in this and plan to do the same thing if and when I get it.

Sorel Waterproof Emilie Chelsea Boot  in black (9.5)

I had to include a couple of practical items on my list this year and these boots are just that. I reallllly like these ones from Sorel, despite the $150 price tag. I could wear them everyday and they are WATERPROOF.

Brazilian Crush Body Mist

If you have not smelled this stuff, do yerself a favor and go into Sephora for a whiff. It. Is. Magical.

Neat Dude Beanie

10 out of 10 only want this because my queen Jenna Marbles wears one.

Ultra Thin Hammered Gold Rings (6.5)

These are classy, fun and the best way to dress up your phalanges. I am pretty sure a 6.5 would fit my pointer finger. My ring finger is a 4 1/4 so I dunno.

Earth’s Nectar Leave-in Conditioner 

Practical gift no. 2 because I am always 5 sprays away from being out of leave-in conditioner and I cannot be without. I found this brand on Sephora so it must be good right? Anything salon-quality would be fine though.

Otterbox for iPhone 7

Annnnd practical gift no. 3. I have dropped two cell phones and broken two screens. So, I am biting the bullet and getting a mom-case. I hate myself.

Sunburst Drop Earrings

The David Yurman sunburst earrings would be awesome, but they cost about a gr so no. These little ladies I found on Etsy and cost $10 so YES.


6 thoughts on “My 2017 Christmas List

  1. Anonymous says:

    Natalie! OtterBox has thin, stylish cases now and if they’re “mom cases,” then they are the coolest mom cases! Check out the holiday Symmetry Series cases here: or check out their regular Symmetry, Strada and Statement series cases if the holiday ones aren’t your thing. And get Alpha Glass with it to be double sure your screen is protected, too. I’m a klutz, but these are what I use so far they’ve worked for me!

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  2. Erin Gwinn says:

    Those boots are cute! You know that if you can snag a Columbia store pass from someone you can get them at 50% off, right??? The factory store is in Beaverton.


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