Fall Smokey Eye


It’s almost Thanksgiving and personally, I am not ready. The dinky 6-foot tree that was a doorbuster at Target 3 years ago just won’t cut it in our new place. HOWEVER, we just paid $946 to fix a dent I made in David’s car when I backed into one of those old street lamps in downtown Portland. (It came out of nowhere!) So alas, I’ll probably set our sub-par NON pre-lit tree on top of an Amazon box and call ‘er a day.

But if anyone has a tree they need to get rid of, I 10 out of 10 want it. Seriously.

Sorry about the tangent there guys – I digress. Let’s get to the meekup.

I give you…my go-to smoky eye this fall!

I created this look using m’ trusty Morphe 350 palette, which truly is an amazing palette.

Starting off with a skin-colored base color, I take that color from the inner corner to about 3/4 way across my lid. I then take the lighter orange color and blend that into the crease  in windshield wiper motions. The darker orange color gets layered over the top of that in the same fashion, while the burnt orange red color gets placed in the outer V along with the dark chocolate brown. I also smudged some matte black into my crease using a tiny brush to get that definition. I made sure the area between my crease colors and eyebrow were nicely blended. Then, I took the dark brown color and ran that under my lashline for added definition.

If anyone wants a video on this look – I’ll do my best to film on my iPhone 7 with bad lighting in my bathrobe :).


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