Mickey, Meira & Makeshift Forts

Good morning little pumpkins!

As you all probably know, my darling nephew Tate turned 2 a couple of weeks ago. To celebrate, we made the trek over to Kennewick, donned our Mickey (and Minnie) ears and partied hard with lil’ Taterbug.

My mom and I spent Saturday morning decorating her house and I wish I would have taken more pictures because it was SO friggen’ cute.

Auntie Rachel made the perfect Mickey cake you see here. It was delish!

We did however, all have black frosting mouths which reminded me of the following scene from a Pee-Wee Herman movie that used to creep me the F out.

Of course, Tate gobbled it down. He wasn’t sure about it at first…

But then started shoveling.

The party was super fun and Meg did an amazing job of everything, per usual.

OH! And Tate got baby-Wranglers. I. CANNOT. HANDLE. IT.

In other news…

I brought Meira to work the other day because I had driven my car and it was pretty much the best thing. I think I pretty much qualify for a service dog too because just having her with me made my day so much easier. Dogs > Humans.

She looks so sheepish here! She laid right by my desk all day and let everyone pet her and gave her love. Meira is quite simply, the best dog there is.


One of my favorite things about E is her imaginative and nurturing mind. She absolutely LOVES playing with her babies and is just so precious with them. Her newest baby Charlotte, came with a tiny, front-facing doll carrier that she can wear and it is just about as cute as you could expect. It is so awesome when David and I are doing stuff around the house and we can hear her talking and singing to her babies. I remember doing the same things when I was her age. Gah! The rampant cuteness :).

Anyway, the other day I came downstairs and she asked me for a flashlight. We didn’t end up finding one so I suggested a cell phone light and when I came into the living room to see what she wanted it for, I found this:

It’s a doll fort. And she packed them little bags with clothes and necessities they would need. Just absolutely so darling.

And that’s all for now! Au revoir BBs.



4 thoughts on “Mickey, Meira & Makeshift Forts

  1. stashy says:

    What a fun Mickey party! Haha the black icing… worth it!
    I would LOVE it if someone brought their sweet, well behaved dog to work. I’d probably be less productive that day because I’d be under the desk petting her…


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