Alright my sweet angel baby.

Auntie’s already turned on the ol’ water works over your two years on this earth and she is barely holding it together. So let’s get to it!

Since you’ve turned ONE a whole year ago, you have been a busy little guy.

You really got into the spirit for your second Halloween! I believe Mommy also put you in a Hamburger outfit which I have made you wear multiple times since then against your will.

Your rocked your plaids and Patagonia and harvest festivals were MOST DEF your thang.

Ok but i really can’t stand how sweet your lil face is here.

Facetiming with you on Nana’s iPad and with Mommy really helped me to get through the months where we didn’t get to see each other.

But when I did come to see you, it was always pure bliss. You can bring a smile to my face like nobody else can.

Even though sometimes you resist my love…

And while you’ve NEVER been a good sleeper (sorry Meg), you have always rocked those jammies like a superstar.

Another thing you became ob-SEH-sed with is Mickey Mouse.

Nothing can put you in a trance like Mickey.

And Christmas was just theeee best last year!

Since the new year, you’ve been doing lots of fun things! Such as:

Getting hair cuts from Auntie Shannon!

Eating lots of food. Your favorites are pancakes but we all know how much you’re gonna love candy! Muahahahaaaa

Going on trips!

Here you are at our house!

At the park in Sellwood!

At the zoo!

And of course the Beach!


The weather warmed up at home and you were off to the races!

But of course, all that traveling meant lots of good sleep for Mama.

Recently, you’ve been quite the comedian and even learned the classic “CHEEEEEEEESE!” photo face:

You’ve also decided that in life, pants (and clothing) should be optional.

On our family trip, you got to spend lots of time with your favorite little girl E.

And I learned that taking pictures of you while you’re watching TV or while you’re in your car seat is the only way for you to stay still!

Sometimes, you act like the big two year old boy that you are – and prove that being two really is terrible!

But then you get over it.

You can so many words now! You say Mama, Dada, Papa, bowwwwwwl, oval (ohhh-vuhhl), baby (bee bee), bye bye, go!, yeah-yeah, noo and lots more. You know all your colors, body parts, and most importantly, the difference between a dump truck, tractor and pickup truck! You can shake your head yes and no, wave bye bye, make amazing animal sounds, wrestle, be sneaky and of course giggle for hours (my personal fave).

You can draw too!

There is no little boy on this planet that I love more than you my sweet . Keep being the precocious, sweet, expressive little human that you are.

With all my love,

Auntie Nataweee






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