Big News

Hello all my cinnamon Altoids.

Today I bring a bit of news that is worthy of sharing!

No, I didn’t get stiletto nails.

No, in fact I did not win the 6 foot tall Pusheen plushie from Fuego at the mall.

I did recently cut three inches from my hair (srsly best decision I’ve ever made) but that also isn’t the news.

We bought a house!

Yeah. So rent in Portland is basically like 2039409 dollars a month and while I love the fact that I don’t have to mow a lawn or fix things myself,  I hate the idea of throwing money away. Money that could be spent on more important things like:

The Elektra Cosmetics Bolt Balm in Opal Unicorn

NOT spons’d (i wish)

So, we ponied up and purchased a little place all our own. 1,500 square feet of blissful homeliness with which we can drill all the holes we want. I may even wallpaper you guys!

Anywee, here are the digs:

She’s cute, right? Gotta love a good Cape Cod. It should be noted that my black thumb will likely kill all the plant you see here. Thank God for bark. And river rock. Lots and lots of river rock.

So far, we’ve been buyin’ up a crap load of new crap for the joint. Hat tip to Ikea! We also got a new couch and chairs for the living room which I never want to NOT be sitting on. We’ve painted, hung sh*t up, haphazardly watered the lawn and tried to be organized but you know – it’s a work in progress.

Just got the keys in this blurry, tilted gem of a photo


The one and only presentable room, furniture tags still on!


Paint swatch! Is it brown or grey? There was a major debate.

We have made more progress over Labor Day weekend as the Megs and Nan graced us with their HGTV-worthy presence. We decided on a paint color for the living room (which is called Krypton. WTF?), Meg chose a new color for the downstairs bath and we nabbed a Pottery Barn-esque mirror from ROSS for $24.99.

Oh, and baby Tate played in our brand new pool in the backyard!

The fact that it’s a wading pool is irrelevant.

I mean look’a that face!

Please comment below if you’d enjoy some “before/after” posts of my humble attempts at decorating this shanty. I’d be much obliged ;).


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