Drugstore Makeup Haul

G’day chiclets!

Who remembers chiclets? I was all about the white and pink flaves. SO good. But today I am not here to talk about gum. Or even candy.

Today, let’s talk about some random crap I have purchased at various locations!

Ecotools Skin Perfecting Brush

Ok, who else has tried Ecotools brushes because all of the ones I’ve purchased have been amazing. They are soft, hold up well after multiple washings and are pretty inexpensive. I found the above model at Big Lots for $3. I think I’m going back for more.

Miniature Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara

How adorable is this tiny mascara? You don’t really ever see travel sized drugstore mascaras so when I saw this (again at Big Lots) for $1.50 I snatched it up REAL FAST. And a sidenote: why don’t more drugstore brands make travel-sized mascaras? They would KILL. I hope this ones still in good condish seeing as it was purchased at Big Lots.

Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara

David actually bought me this at the store! He just came home with it one day and was like “I bought you makeup!” all proud. When he whipped out a mascara I was thinking “oh dear god it’s gonna be like a brown waterproof formula”, but he ended up getting a good one in exactly the right color. GO DAVID!

Dollar Store Nail Gems

A bit tacky? Sure. But why not spice up the nail game very once and a while. E helped me pick out these two suckers for my party nail the other night.

Lash Paradise Mascara in Mystic Black

I know. It has taken me FAR too long to review this already adored mascara. I plan to do a full review as I have been using it now for awhile. I do like it, but I also have some things to say about it.

L’Oreal Blend Artist Foundation Blender

Per Youtuber Casey Holmes, I purchased this sponge. It took me FOREVER to finally find one but I really needed it, seeing as I lost my Beauty Blender a month or two ago. So far, I realllllly like this and to me, it is better than the Real Techniques one! I also want to try to Flower Beauty one from Wal-Mart but they are out of stock errrrywhere.

Wet’n’Wild Color Blast Mascara in Cobalt Blue

I’ve been really wanting to try blue mascara as of late, so I picked this up the other day at Rite Aid. It was in a Halloween-type display with lots of other colors. It is a rather bright blue, which is awesome. The formula however, is not the best.

Wet’n’Wild Eyeliner in Navy

I realized my favorite Jordana liner was about 237 years old so I decided to not risk a sty and toss it. I do want to invest in a nicer, high-end blue liner but for now this’ll do.

What have YOU purchased from the drugstore recently?


3 thoughts on “Drugstore Makeup Haul

  1. stashy says:

    I’ve never ever seen a mini CoverGirl LashBlast mascara before! Now I want one. It’s my favourite mascara and it’d be perfect for travel! I agree, they should make drugstore small mascaras.
    I got Lash Paradise Mascara recently too – have yet to wear it. Looking forward to your review!
    I heard that you’re supposed to use the L’Oreal sponge dry? Do you wet yours?


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