Sweet Blogger Award!

G’day my lovely plushies!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these fun lil’ posts so I thought WHY THE HECK NOT!? I’d like to thank the lovely Kittyp0p for nominating me!

1. What’s your biggest dream? 

To sing in a big gospel choir. With the robes and everything.

2. Favorite guilty pleasure snack? 

I love mixing different cereals together and eating it dry, out of small bowls.

3. What’s the meal you’re best at making? 

David loves these little appetizers I make and calls them California rolls. They’re really called Southwestern Baked Egg Rolls and I based my recipe off the one here.

4. How many teeth have you had pulled? 

Two wisdom teeth on my left, upper and lower.

5. What color do you hope your child’s eyes will be? 

Well first of all, I hope I am capable of having a child! If I am, eye color is the last thing I’ll care about. But if I had to pick I’d say blue, like mine.

6. Favorite book series? 

I really like all the historical fiction from Philippa Gregory, like The Other Boleyn Girl. Really great books!

7. Who is the most inspirational person you know that’s younger than you? 

For whatever random reason, I am really inspired by a ballet dance by the name of Joy Womack. She is a Bolshoi-Ballet trained dancer (one of the only Americans to train there) and her work ethic and drive is truly admirable. She also has a YouTube channel where I live vicariously through her.

8. What time is it where you are? 

6:00 pm PST

9. Where would you go to escape the world? 

Where would I? Well if I could go anywhere to escape it would be Paris or Capri. Currently, when I need to escape it is in my bed with YouTube.

10. Do you prefer sweet or savory foods? 



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