Mont Bleu Nail Care Review

Hello left Twixes!

Also, have y’all tried these?

OMG they are to die. Just buy them, trust me ;).

But now for the reason you’re all here! Let’s dive into some nail curr !

My nails have never looked that stellar for a myriad of reasons.

  1. Due to probably not eating enough protein or leafy greens (yech) my nails are thin and brittle
  2. I pick at my hang nails and knuckle skin #selfmutilation
  3. I buy like one new nail file a year

SO! The lovely folks at Mont Bleu sent me some things to try out and review for you all but this post is not spons’d.

I was just tickled to peruse their website as lots of items are beautifully crystallized in a huge array of colors. Another thing I thought to be curious was that many of their nail care products are made of  glass! On top of that, they use SWAROVSKI (aka the super sparkly stones) to adorn their files with which is super bougie and fun.

Here are the items I chose: *cue the nature shots!

Set of 3 Glass Nail Files w/Swarovski Crystals in Fuchsia/Light Rose

These files are sturdy, beautiful works of art right!? And also they’re nail files! But srsly, I used the large one that night and it performed beautifully at shaping my nails. Also, you don’t really see the scratch marks on the file after using.

All-in-One Original Foot Scraper & Callus Remover  in Pink

This puppy is a work horse. I took the above picture for a size reference and as you can see, it is quite large. The cool glass feels really amazing on my tired feet and the file smooths my gross heels out very nicely. The file itself is quite heavy, but also very durable.

Cuticle Nippers 5 mm

I’ve never owned a pair of cuticle scissors and I can now so I don’t know how I went for so long without some. This pair is heavy, sturdy and also very precise and quite sharp. They worked like a charm on both my fingernails and toenails!

Dual-end glass cuticle pusher

You can’t really tell from this picture, but this glass cuticle stick is in a gorgeous shade of nude/baby pink. It is dual-ended and comes with a classic, flat cuticle-pusher as well as a pointed end. I used this again, on both my fingers and toes and it was a pleasure to use. I could do the majority of the work with the pusher side and I enjoyed getting into those tiny crevasses with the pointy side. It gets the job done and is super bougie at the same time!

Overall, I love these products. I like having nail care that is actually beautiful to display! I am so used to hiding files and things away in a drawer because they’re unsightly. These items are lovely, work well and make you feel like you’re at a swanky nail salon right in your own home! I think they’d make an excellent gift for anyone who loves their nails or enjoys at-home nail care.

You can also find Mont Bleu on Amazon!

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