Testing Charcoal Toothpaste

Hi bunnies!

So apropos right? Easter being around the corner.

About a month ago, David turns to me while we’re watching Shameless and admits, “I bought some black charcoal toothpaste from Asia today”. Cool buddy ;).

But really, I got kinda excited because white teeth just happen to be something I pride myself on.  And come on, charcoal ANYTHING is just blowing up right now. People are smearing it on their faces, brushing their teeth with it. Probably making charcoal + jelly sandwiches.

So when it arrived in the mail a few weeks later, I was really excited to get brushin’.

Looove the packaging too!


So we took before and after photos because I have a beauty blog and also because we genuinely wanted to see results after one use.

So here’s our befores:



Annnnd the afters:



So yeah. Not WORLD’S whiter. But I see a little difference! We are both going to continue using it and I’ll do updates in maybe a month so we can BLIND you. Haha.

Have a good one kiddies.


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