Beach Fun, Christmasing and The Yoga Challenge

Well hi and-a-ho there!

Thanksgiving has come and gone and I can finally admit to y’all that I put my tree up on November 15. And while we’re sharing, I’ve also been listening to Mare Care’s Christmas album since the  night of Halloween. #sothere

This year, putting up the tree was extra fun for two reasons. I had E helping me, and we while we were decorating, we watched Pollyanna. 10 points to Gryffindor if you remember that movie!


E did an amazing job of decorating and loading one area up with 4-5 ornaments respectively. The girl has taste, man.


A couple weekends ago, the three of us (well, four if you count Meira) headed to Cannon Beach for a night and lucked out with gorgeous weather.


We walked around all the shops, bought salt-water taffy and of course spent some time on the beach. We even had a little park next to our hotel and David decided to go on the swings with Meira and my heart melted.



Also there were randomly, dozens of bunnies around our hotel. I KNOW. Kindof funny right? It was hard not to be mildly obsessed with them.



The next week, E and I organized a smashing evening of Barbies and Hello Kitty. I tell ya, this kid knows the way to my heart.


POOL PARTY! (clothes optional)



I’ve also been enjoying my share of holiday libations, including this delicious mimosa! David apparently found my mimosa and lack of makeup hilar.


And my favorite, vodka + fresca while watching American Horror Story, enjoyed in our bathtub which I am too big for.


In other news, I hit up the Pacifica Holiday Warehouse Sale!!

It started at noon on a Friday and I arrived about 5 minutes early to this line:


It was laughing at the ONE DUDE (trying to be incognito) who probs lost a bet with his wife and had to come to this event. Other than him, it was mostly all adult, pre-menopausal women.

I also had a nice chuckle at the unfortunate mis-spelling of this sign:


I had to wait maybe 15 minutes to go in and yeah, things were fairly cheap. Not like, dirt cheap but you know, $5 for a candle.


Soooooo much tinted chapstick

Fast forward to last weekend which was of course, Thanksgiving. I was so busy that day, I literally didn’t even think to whip out my phone for any pics. Fun fact about that morning: I got my hair done at 8:30 am and it looks AMAZING. I love it.

The day after to my own dismay, I did NOT participate in Black Friday. I opted to be a Cyber Monday gal this year and shockingly, I found it to be quite relaxing…who knew!? We did venture east to the Tri so we could spend a little time with the Danielson bunch. And of course, I was chomping at the bit to see my sweet baby Tate.


Who btw is (no big deal) WALKING. His tiny baby body somehow just propels itself around earth and my heart cannot deal with this fact.



I srsly kissed this face about a million times and he only hated about half of them.

Then I drank 3 glasses of wine before dinner and decided to try my hand at something I’ve been seeing around YouTube for a while…


Basically, you just google “couples yoga poses” and try to do them. It is not only a legit workout, but incredibly funny.





David’s face says it all…

Merrrrrrrrrrrrrrry Christmas everyone!

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