My 2016 Christmas List

Gerd yer loins.
My 2016 Christmas List is here!
My 2016 Christmas List


If interested, here are the details surrounding my choices.
Adidas Shoes:
Basic as they are, I am a ride-or-die lover of white tennies. I love my white Chuck Taylor’s (ala Benny Rodriguez), my Sperry canvas sneakers and of course all m’Vans. And since I live in the city that is home to Nike and Adidas HQ, I figure I may as well pay homage.
Tory Burch Backpack:
Similar to my feelings about white sneakers, I love backpacks. They keep your hands free, are a cinch to commute with and best of all, don’t wreak havoc on my shoulders! Can I get an amen for even weight distribution!? And since I hardly carry purses anymore (see above mentioned note on commuter status) I feel I need this one to stay chic.
Little Twin Stars Backpack:
What would I be, if I wasn’t honest about my 12-year-old taste in accessories? YES. I looooove me some Sanrio! Little Twin Stars man. I can’t help myself. I saw a girl wearing this backpack at Universal Studios and she told me it was Loungefly. Probs a brand for sweaty teens, but whatevs. I WANT IT SO BAD.
Sephora Set:
This set is SUCH a deal. You get several full-size products, several of which, I would love to try. It is pricey at $75 but the contents are easily worth double that.
Mac Velvet Teddy Lipstick:
I just ran out of my beloved Creme Cup by Mac and sister Megan is insisting I try this. So there you go.
Abercrombie 8 Perfume:
In keeping with the 12-year old girl theme…I smelled this perfume on a recent trip to the ol’ A&F when I was desperate to find some black distressed jeans. Total blast from the past in the best way! I really am fond of the way this smells and the fact that it makes me feel like a girl of 22 again.
Lush Snow Fairy Set:
Its no secret that I LOVE Lush and this set comes with the (new to me) Snow Fairy Body Conditioner! Oh lord this would be heavenly!!
S Factor Shampoo + Conditioner Set:
I have always been a fan of the way this line smells. But really, I just need more high-end stuff as I know my hair responds better when I don’t douse it in Pantene….
YSL Mon Paris Perfume:
Confession: I have been going in Sephora for the past few months JUST to put this perfume on. Each time I do, I get stopped on the street by people asking me what I am wearing. This perfume is sweet, feminine and packs a punch you guys.

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