Influenster Flawless VoxBox

Well, what do you know?


For me!?

I’ve mentioned Influenster a few times before… and I receive nothing from them except these fun (and free) Vox Boxes full of goodies. It is really easy to sign up and ANYONE can do it – check it out for yourself by clicking here!

This time, I got the following products to try out:


Obviously the snap peas went first. I brought them into work and was happily chomping away when one of my coworkers came up to me and said “you know those things are fried in like 1,000 gallons of oil?” BUZZ KILL.

Of these things, I will use everything but the Yogi tea. I truly wish I had a taste for tea, but it just tastes so flavorless to me and I don’t get the point.

I am very excited about the mascara and the nail polish. Covergil makes some slammin’ mascara and y’all know I love the staying power of Sinful colors polishes.

I have already tried the Dr.Teals epsom salts pictured here and they smell so great! I usually buy the detoxifying clay one, but the eucalyptus + spearmint is super dreamy.

And of course, the facial wipes will come in handy for those nights where 2 + glasses of wine, lifetime movies and birthday cake Teddy Grahams kick my ass.


2 thoughts on “Influenster Flawless VoxBox

  1. sassycatk says:

    This looks like a great voxbox! I received the Endless Summer voxbox a couple months ago. It was filled with amazing products to try! I love Influenster! 🙂 I’m hoping to qualify for the next voxbox. Enjoy testing the products!

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