Wet’n’Wild Highlighting Gold Bar


What could, quite possibly be the MOST beautiful highlight of all time is now in the world.

And, oh yis. She is marvelous.

She is pigmented, long-lasting, SUPER shimmery with a subtle hint of sparkle and


Annnnnnnnnnnnd. She costs $3.99.


I found and purchased two. Of course I did.

The only problem is that she is elusive. Rare. One cannot simply go out to CVS/Rite Aid/Walgreens and procure this fine specimen. I would implore all my readers who lurve a dope highlight to drive out of their way, to remote, lowly drugstores around the great U.S of A and git yerself this wondrous, majestic substance. If this fails you, you may resort to Ebay and spend triple the retail price, but friends…it would be worth it. YOU SEE, this product is (rumor has it) an exact dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold that will set you back $42.

So, good people – GO. Go get you this. Go to the ends of the earth.

You will be glad you did.

Edited to add:




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