My Face Mask Routine

Hello Beauties!

Anytime I have a lazy evening at home alone, a few things are certain:

  • Netflix, YouTube, or a combination of the two
  • Ling Lings Pot Stickers
  • A very hot bath with 3-4 different bubble bath products
  • Possibly a vodka+soda

and when I have the energy I luuurve to slather on the face masks! I realized the other day, as I was fishing through my skincare stash to find the right things – that I definitely have favorites. And well, here they are!

Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask


I have had this bad boy for awhile now (come to think of it, might be time to purchase a new one). As the packaging and logo suggest, this stuff has been around FOREVER. Like, Vaseline forever. You may also notice that this is marketed to people with acne, big pores and blackheads – while I do not suffer from any of these things. I find it has a delightful smoothing effect on my skin and I have grown very fond of the smell.


You can tell I take great care with the application…NOT.

I usually let this sit for about 20 minutes and then I wipe it away with warm water and a washcloth.

After the mint julep mask, I like to apply a SECOND mask. I know, it’s kindof alot. But I love this combination.

Michael Todd Pumpkin Facial Mask


Tis the season too! I did not take a picture of my face with this stuff on because it literally looks like poop. I am also not fond of the smell of this stuff AT ALL but it replenishes the moisture on my skin and is such a great compliment to the drying effect of the mint julep mask.

Are there any masks out there I have got to try? Let me know!


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