Kansas City + Maccabi 2017

Happy Hump Day Kittens!

Weekend before last I went to Kansas City Missouri and for all you D’s in geography out there – it is right next to Kansas.

Why were you in Kansas City Natalie? Makeup convention? Bronycon?

Actually, David had a basketball tryout for the 2017 Maccabi Games in Israel and because we are two large peas in a pod – I accompanied him.

I flew out of Portland on Friday so cue obligatory PDX carpet shot.


I got into KC and was joined by David soon after, flying in from St.Louis after a work trip. He brought me some delights from Natalie’s Candy Store! What a guy :).



We grabbed an uber to our hotel, which also happened to be a casino – The Argosy, for any Kansas Citians out there. We quickly discovered that a.) the casino was literally in the middle of NOWHERE b.) there was no pool c.) wifi was not free. So basically, poop emoji.


That night, we had a delightful cheese board at a restaurant called Farm Table, or Farm House or something farmy. One of the featured cheeses was an aged white Tillamook cheddar all the way from the state of Oregon! Hahaaaa David and I were all “yeah, we have blocks of this stuff in our fridge at home, muahahaa” and everyone thought we were super bougie.


After that, we went to Breakout KC!

These places are popping up all over the place, so David and I decided to give it a whirl. We were placed in a casino-themed room with 5 other people and were given one hour to escape using clues.


We were able to escape in 59 minutes, 31 seconds. Everyone in our group was really cool and we all got SO into it. Can’t recommend this more.


After that, we ventured to the only “rooftop bar” Google could find, appropriately named John’s Big Deck. Actually it was really fun. I hit the dance floor after one drink where it was only me and one other dude. I felt like a dance battle was about to happen at any moment, but it never did.


The next day David, David’s teammate (also named David) and I ventured into Kansas City for lunch during the Art Walk. It was hot as tits out there, so we ate lunch and headed back to the deathstar hotel.

That night, we met up with some other guys who were trying out and I was the only girlfriend there so I just kinda played Candy Crush on my phone and drank vodka+sodas while the guys bro’d out. We had a lovely Italian dinner that night where I enjoyed a refreshing gimlet and a large coconut macaroon for dessert. We hit the hay that night after watching The Hunger Games. Pretty great, actually.

David had his tryout the next day so I slept in, worked out, took a loooong shower and then went for a little walk. There was a large, completely uninhabited park next door so I walk-danced along the Missouri river without a care in the world.



After the tryout, we had a much-deserved Kansas City BBQ dinner. David and I shared ribs, chicken, more ribs and I had to order the “cheesy corn bake” because duh. It was delish and everyone loved their food.


The next day we flew home to Portland and I was so well-rested and relaxed. Sometimes its so nice to get outta town for a couple days, un-plug, take naps and eat cupcake bites amiright!?

We also started watching Stranger Things because we are Americans. I will talk about that at a later date.


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