Highlights, Healthy Ice Cream and Fun with Kiddos


I hope everyone out there is ready for randomness in mass proportions today!

First things first, this dude:


You know. Just your average man, at a busy Portland intersection on a pink elliptical 3-wheel bike. Please pay special attention to his casualness. I also have this on video, leave a message below if you want me to post that sh*t.

I have gotten back on the running train you guys! I go at lunch and go anywhere from 2-5 miles. About a 10-minute pace. I’m very proud of myself.


A couple weeks ago, my sis Rachel, David and I went to the Sports Page in none other than historic downtown Kennewick. Rach and I decided to wear our hoods up because #thethuglife and I also decided to see if the pants statue outside would “fit” me. Can I also ask anyone reading from Kennewick WHY there is a pants statue outside the Sports Page? I mean, I love it…but why!?




Megan and I have discovered a brand of ice cream you can get in the natural section called Halo Top. You can eat the whole damn thing for less than 300 calories. Also, they have a birthday cake flavor so basically YASS.


Living part time with David’s daughter is seriously THEE best time. I now have a legitimate excuse to do the following activities without  judgement:

  • Sing “The Perfect Nanny” from Mary Poppins on repeat…I have found the Jane to my Michael.
  • Same goes for anything by Julie Andrews, Frozen and best of all, Tay-Tay.
  • Play Barbies for 3  hours.
  • Watch Sophia the First, Madeline or Mister Rodgers.

There is also quite a bit of hair styling (her, styling me that is), stuffed animal identifying and fairy spotting. It is all quite precious and wonderful :).


This happened while playing Barbies the other day. Watch that hand, Ken!


One of her many hairstyles. Totes Boho.

Lastly, I finally got my hair highlighted! You can tell from the above pic how bad it was…



Freshly highlighted!

P.S Our office dog Tyson, lays like this on the regular for 2-3 minutes at a time. Nobody is petting him. Nothin.



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