Tate’s Birthday Weekend

Last weekend, David and I and E (David’s daughter) were delighted to attend Tate M. Johnson’s very first birthday party!


(yes, David has a daughter. she is sweet, hilarious, ridiculously charismatic and precocious)

Anyways, we had been counting down the days until this little gentleman turned one and could not wait to celebrate this milestone with him. So we hit the road after school on Friday, blasted “wildest dreams” by Tay-Tay and scream sang.

Friday night we had an awesome dinner or chicken, potstickers, random cut-up vegetables with plenty of Ken’s Ranch and a Caesar salad. RANDOM and delicious.

Saturday morning we woke up and Tate came over for his Danielson presents.

My mom made him THEE sweetest little cloth book with all sorts of interactive, movable pieces inside that he could play with. She had worked on it for about 6 months!



Nan also got him an Ikea train set which he already loves.


I got him a Puddle Jumper (those floatie life-jacket things that go around their waist), a Leaping Frog “Scout” teddy bear and the below pictured Mickey Mouse shirt.



The rest of the day was spent prepping for Tate’s party in the form of baking a tater tot casserole (we used this recipe) and getting balloons. Then it was time for his party!

Haaaaaaaahahhaa gotta love this pic.



He was pretty bashful about the cake. He started picking off individual sprinkles and then got more and more into it. We had E go over and help him get the idea (the two of them LOVE each other) and then he kinda dove in more.



He got some great presents and everyone was just so happy to be a part of his first birthday.


I think I was the most excited…


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