Currently Coveting – Fall 2016

It’s baaaack!



ME rn

There’s not much we can do guys. The leaves barreelly start turning colors and all the basics run home, create 5-10 “fall 2016 Pinterest inspo” boards, sprinkle sparkly pumpkins around their homes and wrap themselves in Barefoot Dreams cardigans (see below).

Me? I threw up in my mouth when I saw the pumpkins outside Fred Meyer. I am wearing my GD neons until Sept.22. I can’t give in yet guys. But I CAN prepare for the upcoming months by lusting after things. Objects, you know. Sh*t I don’t need. Isn’t it wonderful!?


Essie Nail Color in Angora Cardi


Essie polishes are terrible if you ask me, but I just die for this color – which is GORG.

Abercrombie 8 Perfume and Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose



Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops


Because OF COURSE I need another highlight.

Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition Lipstick in Beauty Pageant


Because it is sparkly and I feel like I would be doing mankind a disservice if I did not own this. AMIRIGHT?


Barefoot Dreams Cardigan


My sister got me onto these expensive, super-soft cardigans. They went on sale during the Nordstrom Half-Yearly and both of us missed them :(. Anyway, I feel like there is no need to justify this item because it is practical and very very cozy.


Black Booties


I have a beat-up old pair from Target that I like, but they are a little bit too tall and I’d prefer to stay under 6’3″ if I can.

Black Destroyed Denim


LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. I have had the darndest time trying to find a good pair of black distressed jeans. I even went as far as to consider non-destroyed jeans and I can’t find a good pair of those either! Keep in mind I pretty much refuse to spend over $100, so I realize that’s a hurdle. I even ordered a pair of my  favorite Gap Always  Skinny jeans and they looked terrible. I will keep up the search though, and let you know how it goes!

Tory Burch Oxblood Nylon Backpack


I love backpacks theee most and this one is nylon which means my accident-prone self can wipe it clean AND it is in a trendy (but not too trendy) color. It is also over $200 so POOP.

Troop Beverly Hills Sweatshirt


If you do not know this movie than I’M SORRY. I actually will probably buy this for myself very soon because I really don’t know how I have gone without it for this long. “We’re the wilderness girls and it’s cookie time!!” Oh lord I need it.


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