Seattle + Poulsbo Trip

Hallo kiddies!

Labor Day weekend has passed and Tuesday morning brought drizzle, autumnal leaves and realizing my purple raincoat is covered in stains. Being one of those people who is never ready to say goodbye to summer means the great PNW is kindof a little b*tch and labor day weekend is a toughie too. Gone are the days of throwing a sundress over self-tanned skin, freckles poking through all over and my bed head being a little less frowned upon. It’s time to layer up, pull out those godforsaken black puffies and throw away the old receipts for PSLs from the pockets. YUCK.

But it isn’t really the end of the world because CHRISTMAS.

For 2016, Labor Day weekend was spent in Seattle with my David. We saw some fam, drank some wine and rode some ferries. An amazing weekend if you ask me.


We drove north on Saturday morning and I did a crappy job on my makeup in the car which resulted in waaaaaaay too thick black pencil liner. We hung out at David’s cousins for a bit and then took public transit downtown for a Mariners game!


i promise he likes it when i grab his head like this

Our seats are always awesome since we have a family friend hookup (thanks Susan!) who can seat us behind home plate.



The game however, was not so good as the Angels scored 6 runs in the first inning. I had a salmon Caesar salad with peanut m&ms and reese’s pieces for dessert though, so it was all good.

The next day, we woke up and had a delicious breakfast and then Chipotle for lunch. Then we drove down to the ferries and had a 45 min wait so we did a little touristing!



Chipotle in my teeth

We took the ferry across the Pudget Sound to my original stompin’ grounds of Poulsbo, WA! I havent been on the ferry in a while so champs was only apropos.




When we arrived, we drove by my old house, and through my old neighborhood!


I realize it is creepy that i took a pic of someone else’s house…im sorry


Then we checked into our hotel and then hit the downtown area, which is still as cute as I remember. Of course we HAD to hit up the Poulsbo Bakery which has been around since I was a kid – and the smiley face cookies are still there!



We had italian for dinner, which was lovely, except my caprese salad had ONE piece of mozzarella in it…


Can’t beat that view tho!

The next day we got up late, ordered 7 things from Starbucks and hit the road back to Portland.

Three day weekends just make me want four day weekends :).

4 thoughts on “Seattle + Poulsbo Trip

  1. Bekka says:

    I didn’t know you lived in the Po! My grandparents lived in Sequim and we visited every Thanksgiving. When did you come to K-town so we could be on the same t-ball/softball team?


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