New Bikes, Purple Eyeshadow & 2 Mile Runs

Happy September minions

Photo Jun 11, 4 39 50 PM

Lots of new and hilarious things have been happening in our neck of the woods!

Here are the highlights.




 I have been running at lunch and sending David selfies before and after. As you can see from the above images, I aim to be as cute and sexy as possible.

Similarly, we have gone on a couple of awesome dates! One was to a Peruvian restaurant and then to a bar that served $18 cocktails! I always force selfies in these situations because:


We also went to David’s step mom’s company picnic on Mount Hood and rode the ski lift/alpine slide. We are savage.


AND THEN there’s my new bike. Yes, I traded in my heavy, half-broken pink cruiser purchased in 2008 with a “Your One-Piece is Hot” sticker, for a shiny new blue bike from REI. Big hugs to David for paying for the bulk of it.


We went to several smaller, locally owned bike shops like good Portlandians but after my “I want the cheapest bike you have” spiel was met with disapproving looks, we smartly headed to REI and nabbed this bad boy for $320. It has a bell, so that’s cool.

I obviously had to get a helmet because I am a half-inch away from crashing into rear-view mirrors on this hawk ON THE DAILY.


obvs this was taken outside the liquor store

I plan to either a.) Cover it in My Melody stickers or b.) Bling this MFer out.

After this picture was taken, we went on a date to a little Italian restaurant and had wine and caprese salad and  then rode our bikes home. Am I Portland or AM I PORTLAND?


look at this adorable man

In other news, I am totally head over heels in love with David’s dog Meira. She is a 10-year-old Australian Shepard, but looks like a puppy. I have never been around a trained dog, and lemme tell you – it is SO amazing. When you say “Sit Meira!” she does it. Mind boggling.


Here is Meira watching Wentworth with me


Patiently waiting for her favorite person ever (David) outside B.K

Also, I’ve been wearing some fun eyeshadow colors lately! Like, when was the last time you busted out your purples and greens? I did a peacock inspired look the other night and then about a week later I did some fierce golden/orange hues. GO ME.


yes im squeezing my boobs together


And lastly, my Max rides have been kinda poopy lately, as evidenced here. #chivalryisdead


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