Seattle + Baby Policar

Happy Thursday guys!

Who is watching the Olympics!?

OMG I could NOT be more obsessed with women’s gymnastics. I need to order myself a leotard for a 6-footer for 2020 because I would just like, walk around the house in one while it’s on.

But today, I’m not here to talk about Michael Phelps, The Fierce Five or the CRAZY latissimus dorsi muscles on those woman swimmers (circled below, for reference).


 Today I am here to talk baby. A Policar baby, to be exact that shall belong to my cousin Mike and his wife Karen.

The shower was on Saturday morning, which meant David and I left the night before. On our way, we encountered a 1980’s RV fully engulfed in flames #nature.


I rode to the shower with my mom and Meg (the hosts of the shin-dig) and sat next to  none other than Tate M. Johnson. We talked about politics, the upcoming Olympic competition and of course, growing teeth.


We arrived and I admired my mom and sister’s decorating handiwork.



My job was to watch Tate so they could arrange, prep and yell at eachother. SO I did.


Trying unsuccessfully to get him to take a nap

Then we put out all the food and Karen showed up to grace us with her royal cuteness.



OF COURSE Nan and Tate matched the party #ontheme.


Then I snapped what is now one of my fave pics of Tate…


His face THO

Then Rachel showed up with the cupcakes! These had marshmallow cream in the middle.



Auntie Rachel relieved me during the present-opening and rocked Tate for a bit. When I came back, I found Tate partaking in his favorite activity!



She got some baby sh*t, you know.

I forgot a card for her gift of diapers (PRACTICAL) so I made one real quick in the kitchen:

Outside (and Office fans out there?)




Karen got my mom and Meg THEEEE cutest thank you gifts ever too. Does it get better than macarons and champs? No, I don’t believe it does.


All-in-all a great little shower for Karen. No poop diaper game or chugging beer through a baby bottle but hey, there’s always my shower when I’m FORTY.

3 thoughts on “Seattle + Baby Policar

  1. Bekka Besich says:

    You ordering an adult leotard to wear during the 2020 Olypmics might be the funniest thing you’ve ever said. And you say a lot of funny stuff. If we lived in the same town, I’d sport one with you!


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