90’s Night + a Mini-Haul

Ladies and gents! G’Day to you!

A couple of weeks ago, David and I attended a 90’s night at a bar here in Portland. All week, I brainstormed outfit ideas. Do I go the high-waisted-shorts-body-suit-flannel-tied-around-the-waist route (that is TOTALLY back in style, btw) or the yellow plaid pleated skirt with white knee socks ala Cher Horowitz look? I also considered the idea of trying to procure myself a pair of Jncos…


Then, I really thought about what I really looked like in the 90’s. And who I really idolized. The answer was clear:




What teenage girl didn’t want EVERYTHING Mandy had in this video? A cool attic room with inflatable furniture, probs purchased from Delias? Spaghetti-strap tank tops? Crazy buns!? Don’t even get me STARTED on the cross-body portable CD player. Pah-REACH.

In the 90’s, I was all about frosted lip-gloss, butterfly clips, matching my eyeshadow to my shirt, glitter, and of course Vanilla Fields perfume. So. I dug through my closet to find the ONE pair of flared jeans I own, threw on some white eyeliner + pink eyeshadow and glitter, and of course crazy buns.


David opted for some baggy jeans, Michael Jordan tee and his high school letterman’s jacket #classof99. A backwards cap completed his look but I reallllly wished we had a pukka shell necklace.


Then we went over to our friends house to prefunk before we went to the bar and we were the ONLY people who dressed 90’s. Haha, whatever man.


We played some pong, I tried a hard orange soda (DELISH) and we ended up having a grrrreat night. True to 90’s fashion, we both danced HARD and got sweaty to hits from Mariah, Spice Girls oh man it was glorious. The only thing that was missing was a few slow dances…I mean the best thing about the 90’s was slow dancing for me. All4One, Boyz2Men, Usher. I know you feel me.

And also – I have a few new things to show ya!

Lime Crime Lipstick in Coquette




I randomly happened upon this at Nordstrom Rack! They only had a few colors and as soon as I saw that they had Coquette, I nabbed an unopened tube. It is super pretty and I mean, the packaging…pink with a sparkly unicorn!? Exsqueeze me?

Cell phone wallet case from ebay


This is such a great little case. Kinda squishy and it has 3 credit card slots inside. I ordered it from ebay for $3, free shipping and Buy it Now. You just have to wait a long time because it’s from China. #duh

Victoria’s Secret Rollerball in Victoria


Letsbereal. I bought this because of the bow on the bottle and because it was like $3 at the VS annual sale. I tend to go through roller balls quite quickly and my Ariana Grande one is running out so I thought I’d get one. It smells decent, but due to my terrible sinus troubles as of late, I have terrible anosmia so really it could smell like Lady Stetson and I wouldn’t know.

okee that’s all bee bees. BYE.


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