Morphe Brushes Store Haul

Am I on a role with these hauls, or AM I ON A ROLE WITH THESE HAULS!?

As you all know by now, or maybe not, I went to Disneyland with my BF Dah-vide! And Universal! And I got to stay with THEE world’s most amazing and cutest family everrr.

And on our way back from Disneyland on Sunday, he did me a solid and drove to Morphe Brushes in Burbank, California.

I fell asleep with my frowned mouth open on the way there and about hyperventilated when we pulled up to Morphe. David waited 25 patient minutes in the car for me, as I sleepily shuffled around the store in a daze with like 30 other beauty-obsessed gals as techno music pumped. I was sweaty, nervous, completely overwhelmed and STUPIDLY left my shopping list for which brushes I wanted at home. DOH!

I ended up googling Jaclyn Hill and Manny MUA’s favorites and then just going off feel. Here are the brushes I ended up getting:









I also nabbed some individual lashes


and these bottom lashes for when I feel like lookin’ like a baby doll.


I then picked up a couple of things from L.A Girl on a TOTAL whim:

L.A Girl Velvut Blush Contour Stick in Cuddle and the Glazed Lip Paint in Peony



Lip Paint on top, Blush Stick on bottom


Lip Glaze on me

Annnnnd lastly (drumroll please!) I got the iconic Morphe 350 palette!!!




Like I said, I was totally overwhelmed. If I had an entire afternoon, I would have probably gotten a few more brushes, contemplated the Model in a Bottle setting spray and tried on more of the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks (I alllmost bought Rose Matter). They DID have the Jeffree Star mint-green skin frost but were sadly sold out of all the other colors, including the shade Ice Cold, which I DESPERATELY want.



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