Wet’n’Wild Lost in the Wildflowers 2016 Collection

Goooooood morning my loves!

This post will involve a bit of a story time on how I procured the items mentioned, as well as my initial thoughts. So let’s get this party started.

Over the past month, I had seen the odd post here or there with these new Wet’n’Wild highlighters and I really thought nothing of it. I thought I would see them pop up at Fred Meyer or Walgreens, much like the new contour palettes and eyeliners they added to the collection. Then I started reading comments and realized that people were going NUTS over these highlighters and that there was a whole limited edition collection accompanying them. And then I got voracious.

Sister Megan was also on the hunt for this collection and had already been every  Walgreens and Fred Meyer store in her area, so I figured I should do the same. I called a few of the Walgreens stores and was not surprisingly answered with much confusion — “You’re looking for what? Well we got Maybelline here.” YEAH. NO.

I decided it prudent to just drive around to all the Walgreens stores and berate the employees until they literally just let me into the stock room myself. The first one proved unfruitful after a helpful young woman assured me there were no Wet’n’Wild boxes in the back and their trucks usually came on Fridays. Next, I hit another Walgreens and Fred Meyer and left empty-handed and discouraged. I decided to try one more Walgreens on my way home (one that I had already called) just to see if maybe they missed it.

I went in and the hot pink haired gal told me she did see a Wet’n’Wild box in the back and that she would go get it for me. I was elated and totally surprised that my relentlessness had paid off! I shot a quick text to Megan and waited patiently for my goodies. But then, something caught my eye. A small glimmer from the bottom of a lowly shelf…Like a tractor beam, I was drawn in and delighted to discover the very collection I was looking so hard for COMPLETELY UNTOUCHED.

I dove in and immediately starting picking up the products and audibly squealing. I called Megan and she joined in. I scooped the ENTIRE display (well not quite, but almost) into a basket and headed to the register where I had to remind the gal that Wet’n’Wild was in fact, BOGO 50% off. I ended up waltzing outta there $30 poorer but rich in loveliness. I had also taken care of Meg’s mothers day present so WIN-WIN!

Here was the final haul:


I kept the following products:

Megaglo Multi-Stick in Carnational Anthem



I also got the color Light Up My High-Biscus, but I allllready can’t find it. But here is a picture of it I pilfered from ebay:


Megaglo Highlighting Powders in Crown of my Canopy and Precious Petals



Here I am waiting for the train wearing Precious Petals: #thathighlighttho


Coloricon Metallic Liquid Lipstick in My Tulips are Sealed



Overall I am VERY happy with this collection. All the colors I got are SO ME – peachy and shimmery. They did bring out some deeper, bolder liquid lipsticks but those shades just aren’t m’thang. I am loving the highlighters and can’t wait to slap on the deeper color (Crown of my Canopy) when I have more of a tan.

If you can get yer paws on these babies – DO IT.


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