My Favorite YouTube Channels

My obsession with YouTube rivals that of a pre-pubescent teenager, who is addicted to gaming, Game of Thrones and of course, quesoritos from T.Bell.

It all began with Jenna Marbles. She’s hilar, her dogs are cute and the topics were relevant. I then delved into the world of beauty gurus and explored a world of Miss Glamorazzi, The Fowler Sisters and of course MacBarbie07 or Bethany Mota as she’s more famously known as now.

Then I moved into the Gleam Team – or the Brits. Zoella, Louise, Marcus, Tanya and the gang stole my hearts with their cute accents and ability to always seem like they were in a commercial.


I discovered one of my all-time favorite YouTubers, Az4Angela through her (now famous) Bath & Body Works Rant video BEFORE it went viral. She does candle reviews, wears mumus, is hilarious and lives in Wisconsin with her shitzu Snookie.


I loved all the challenge videos with Joey Graceffa and Tyler Oakley, and got my Miranda Sings accent down Pat.

download (2)

I watched every YDAD with Mamrie Hart and collab with her BFFs Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig (both hilarious in their own right).  And allllmost bought a Camp Lakota tee-shirt.


Then it was the lifestyle bloggers like Louis that made me want to travel the world. After that, the daily family bloggers like The Saccone-Jolys, The Schuerman Show and of course the Shaytards that had me jonesing for a white picket fence and the pattering of little feet.

I’ve gone through some weird phases too and watched some weird channels, like Clawstruck, a channel solely devoted to those claw machines outside of Wal-Mart. Or extreme eating channels, where people attempt to shove 10,000 calories down their throat in one day.

Today, I mostly stick to the beauty videos but sway toward the more mature ones, like Emily Noel, Kristin Gehm, Kandee Johnson, PixiWoo, Jeffree Star and TiffanyD. However, I am also a HUGE fan of Jaclyn Hill, Casey Holmes and Ciaoobelllaxo.

Most recently, I find myself obsessed with dumpster diving YouTubers, especially these two girls who totally remind me of me and my best friends in high school (shout-out to Lacey and Nicole!). I am also a DIE HARD fishie, ala Trisha Paytas and cannot seem to get enough of her daily vlogs, obsession with Rick Moranis and OF COURSE her intense shopping addiction.


That pretty much brings us up to date guys. Thanks for reading and if you have any YouTubers you think I’d like – let me know in the comments below!


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