Benefit Cheekathon Palette Review

Hello lemonheads!

When something is too good of a deal, I have a hard time passing it up. I once almost bought dog food because it was on such a big clearance and I DON’T EVEN HAVE A DOG. The struggle is so very real, my friends. So when this palette came out, I knew she had to be mine. I first happened upon it at the Benefit Counter as Macy’s where the salesperson assured me it would exclusively only be sold. LIES. Not a week later, I saw it pop up at my lunchtime Sephora and so I grabbed myself one. (i say lunchtime Sephora because I go there on my lunch break about 3x per week. the sales people know not to talk to me anymore. i blast Drake in my headphones, shimmy around and leave a veritable swatch monster).





5. Count them – 5 full-sized blushes for $58. Not a bad deal when you consider that each of these pups are $29 each. I have wanted Rockateur and Coralista for a long time, but after wearing this a couple of times I am LIVING for Dandelion. Go fig.


I really tried to make these swatches look like the beauty gurus do but alas, my transparent hands with bulbous veins would not allow it. Thus, we are left with sub-par, weak swatches and for that, dear readers, I apologize. I guess we all have to take what we can get.


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