Halloween 2015

SO..I never really dress up for Halloween.

I’ll admit, it is partially because I’ve never had anything cool to do. Never gone to a big halloween party, never really “gone out” too much. So aside from the odd, thrown together cowgirl or 50’s Pink Lady – I’ve never really done anything special.

BUT THIS YEAR. You guys. This year, I actually made a plan!

So for work, I teamed up with a couple of my pals at work and we did Frozen characters and DUH – I was Elsa!


I had the best time doing Elsa makeup and throwing in some extensions to get the elusive Elsa braid. A bunch of my co-workers brought their kiddos in and it srsly melted my “frozen” (haha) heart because they all really thought I was Elsa. I now have a taste of what it must feel like to work at Disneyland and be a princess and all I gotta say is – I could totally get used to it!



The next day, I opted to go the POLAR opposite of Elsa and be…a walker. I would like to clarify this because I was not a brain-eating zombie. I was a walker, ala Walking Dead.





My first time with liquid latex!


If anyone wants more detail on how I did this makeup (for Elsa or the Walking Dead) just let me know and I can do a step-by-step tutorial!


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