Forever 31



Already laughing at my own joke per usual 🙂

But really, how great would Forever 31 be? A place where Anthropologie and Ross meet, fall in love, and produce a place where Sam Smith’s angelic voice fills the air. And the racks are stocked with tasteful and age-appropriate cheap sh*t that falls apart after 3 wears. Where a pair of cute shorts you know will only last one summer, but that DO NOT show the bottom of your ass-cheeks, will only set you back $9.80! Where is this place, my friends? WHERE.

So what, if I want a borderline slutty tank that I can wear to book club and drink red wine in (because in your thirties you drink red wine)? And don’t go sayin’ that us 31-year-olds shouldn’t HAVE to shop at F21 anymore because our mid-level jobs are providing us with the means to shop exclusively at Nordy’s. Honey. I don’t care if I make 200 GR a year, I will STILL crave that $24.90 maxi dress.

So until this obvious gap in the market is remedied, I will continue to spend time hunting the racks of my local F21 in hot pursuit of the few items that work for my sassy, 31-year-old self. And here’s what I found.

Embroidered Peasant Shirt

00123100-02 (1)

Contrast Button-Down


Textured Striped Skirt


I also found a flowy blush pink racerback tank top that is the perfect color. But I couldn’t find the picture online because there are 21897437 tank tops and aint nobody got time for that.


7 thoughts on “Forever 31

  1. Becster says:

    Have you got the same problem in the US then? Where you grow out of one shop but not quite grown into the next one!? Same here in the UK! Thank god for eBay I say – hey I’m cheap when it comes to clothes!


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