How to: Headband Curls!

I recently had a request for a little tutorial on the curling of hairs. And a’course I am more than happy to oblige.

I curl my hair often and in a variety of different ways. It all depends on what I am doing, i.e – a girl’s night out curls are not going to be the same as office curls or I-want-to-look-like-a-Victoria’s-Secret-model-curls. You get it.

Perhaps this blog post will spark a series of blog posts on different types of curls and the ways I attain them !? A plethora of ways I can teach you all to essentially bend your hair in different directions which is both aesthetically and emotionally pleasing.

Maybe I’ll dive into the depths of curling irons and wands and once and for all determine that the two quite simply, CANNOT be compared. Like Rainbow Chip Frosting and Funfetti – they’re two vastly different things.

A wand tends to produce more mermaidy, swirly curls – like this:


A curling iron will give you a more classic curl, like this:


And while the curling of hairs is all well and fine, one hard-pressing (haha get it) fact remains true. You must use heat. And heat, my friends, is no friend to a delicate strand of protein filament.

Enter, headband curls. Like your ex-hippie aunt who still doesn’t wear a bra, the headband method of hair curling is like sooo groovy because it involves NO heat. So here we go, headband curls!

Please bear in mind you have to do this overnight with DRY hair and you WILL look like a Grandma. Don’t expect anyone to think you look good when headband curls are processing because you just won’t, see pictures below as clear and non-negotiable proof.

And since describing this miraculous method in words is very near impossible, I thought it might be easier to just SHOW you. Yes, my friends, I got in front of a camera again.




Annnnd part 2:


Btw, this is the tutorial that showed me the way (ALL HAIL SOUTHERN BELLES):



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