Assorted Haul

Hello kittens!


Today I bring you another haul of a few things I have picked up whilst out and about.

The beauty section at T.J Maxx can be quite treacherous. It’s like everytime I go in there, I feel like I’m swimming in a sea of unknown brands, well-known brands and wondering “why is this Clarins face serum only $19.99?!”. It can be a scary, deep, dark place and navigating around isn’t easy. I find that I can usually tread water fairly well, picking up a random Joico K-Pak conditioner for $7.99 or a bangin’ Essie polish for $3. But other times, I drown. I just do.

My friends, this time I may have plummeted to the ocean floor, with all the muck and bottom-feeders.

Sugar Baby Golden Glamour Instant Self Tan Spray


When I saw this product, I was immediately attracted to the packaging because yes – I am a basic white girl. Throw a pin-up girl on just about anything and us basics go weak in the knees. It was only $8, so I quickly googled the brand and saw decent reviews and high price tags – SCORE! I brought ‘er home to realize two depressing facts:

1.) It was NOT a sunless tanner, instead a spray-on temporary tan (like Airbrush Legs) which wasn’t the end of the world, I just thought I was buying a self tan.

2.) It doesn’t work. The directions recommend laying a towel down under you to protect your floors and surfaces so I just went outside on our dirty balcony and went to town. It literally came out basically SHEER with a subtle brownish-gray tint.



Shiseido Pureness Foaming Cleansing Fluid


So. I was very hesitant to buy this because there HAS to be a reason a department store brand like Shiseido is at T.J Maxx for $12.99, versus the $30+ this would cost at Nordys. But, I rolled the dice and thought, “Meh, if it’s a little expired I’m sure it’s fine.” And at first I thought it was making me break out. Not like gross cystic whiteheads but those little skin-colored bumps around my hairline. But I persevered and kept using it only to discover that you have to rinse it SUPER well or else it will leave a little film on your skin which is probably what gave me a weird texture.

All in all, it’s fairly good for $12.99 and it also removes makeup.

Justin Bieber Someday Perfume



Y’all are laughing I KNOW, but I could give two sh*ts because I LOVE this perfume. I get compliments on it allll the time and I never tell people what it is. Muaahahahaaa. “Oh this? It’s just m’Biebs.” Can you imagine?

New  Tanning Mitts


I recently purchased both the Ulta brand tanning mitt and the St. Tropez one for $1.50 more and guess what?! I like the Ulta brand better. I think normally these are around the same price ($6.50), which is ludicrous that a cheap piece of foam is more than 75 cents AMIRIGHT!?

Bodycology Runaway Heart Sugar Scrub


Self tanning also denotes the official commencement exfoliation season. I really should exfoliate all year, but dead skin + self tanner mixes together about as well as orange juice and toothpaste. I bought this scrub at Target because it was the cheapest one and guess what? I am in loooove with it! Srsly go to Target right now and get yerself a whiff of this because your might change. I need the body spray NOW.

THIS Makeup Bag




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