My People

G’Day Gents.


Last weekend I drove to Seattle to see my homegirls.  We try to organize this event yearly, but it is painstakingly clear each time we rendezvous that more meetups are desired. Nay, necessary.


These girls are a part of me. They listen and nod their heads as I talk incessantly about Dubsmashing Frozen like ‘err day. They try to get me to ingest organic vegetables. They reassure me that my snaggletooth and man shoulders are cute. They just get me. And I am so grateful for them.



We never get anything accomplished during these weekends. In fact, we’re lucky if everyone’s dressed by 4 pm. Dry shampoo is optional.  This time around, we submitted to small 20-minute walks around the neighborhood, wine, cheese and OBVS a hair session instigated by yours truly.


We had a delicious meal at Local 360 (cheesy grits) and later somehow fit all four of our bodies into one bed for a chat. Come Sunday I was not ready to leave and our traditional four-way hug couldn’t last long enough.




To Carey and Holly and Bek. I love you guys.


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