Neither Bryan or myself is the least bit enthusiastic about Halloween. We fall perfectly into that category of too old, no children and absolutely NO desire to schlep ourselves to a bar to watch 20-somethings try to hold their liquor while donning a slutty football player costume. Instead, I bought 2 LARGE bags of candy, hoping to dispense every last piece to cute kidlets while Bryan and I watched Hocus Pocus. NO SUCH LUCK. Not only did we get ZERO trick-or-treaters and thus felt behooved to consume loads of said candy, but Hocus Pocus wasn’t even on! Tragedy. Earlier that day, I did throw on a combination of clothes I already owned, waaay too much eyeliner on ONLY the bottom lash line and little paper “gauges” I made with a sharpie to become…..




It was Megan’s birthday the other weekend and unfortunately the rain killed our plans to partake in a SEGWAY tour of Portland (something Meg and I have always wanted to do). Luckily, the weekend was salvaged by a lot of fun and successful shopping including, but not limited to:

  • Meg getting the MOST adorable pink coat in existence from Anthropolgie
  • Finding a sweater from F21 in the most perfect shade of peach EVER
  • Nan admitting that un-oaked Chardonnay is actually quite delicious

Meg’s new coat!

Oh, and I found the most perfect hat relative to my face shape.



A couple weeks ago, I gave myself a bit of a shiner by WHACKING MY FACE ON THE DOORWAY. A tiny cut placed wonderfully at the end of my brow and I was a bloody mess. Luckily the hideousness dissipated rather quickly and I could just use the excuse it was a purple smoky eye gone wrong. And obvs excuse the under-eye circles and greasy hair.

The day after it happened

The day after it happened

Processed with Rookie

My shiner!


I have gotten in to Gilmore Girls. Is anyone really surprised? I MEAN. The mother-daughter relationship, the INCREDIBLE 90’s fashions, Melissa McCarthy’s highlights and Alexis Bleidel’s big blue puppy dog eyes? I was sold after one episode.



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