So Portland Right Now

Alright guys, it’s official.


I’m a Portlandian.


I still love my high-fructose corn syrups, flicked eyeliner and of course the SEAHAWKS, but yes. I have inducted myself into this unofficial club where individuality is revered and dare I say, required. How do I know?


I went CLIMBING. In an actual climbing gym, where folks roam around proudly sporting wedgies and peter pan shoes. A place where it’s cool to have a beard and talk about the new shipment of squash at the farmers market. I found myself smiling and nodding – “why yes! I do love vegan cupcakes and organic cotton tees!!” I fit in! I FIT IN.

Well, a little at least.


I can wear what we ALL agree is the ugliest garment known to man-kind: a harness.


And these shoes that make my legs look like tree trunks really athletic? Don’t mind if I do!


Thank you climbing gym! Thank you bearded belaying expert!

Thank you, Portland.


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