We’re BaaACK!

Did ya miss me!?


The weddin’ day! Called for this face.

I certainly missed all the dozens of you. Things have just been flat-out strange since our return not 48 hours ago. As evidenced here, I have:

  1. Eaten 6-10 GIANT bowls of cereal with delicious almond milk – a meal I have been missing very badly these past couple’a weeks.
  2. Had just HORRIFIC jet-lag and slept until 3:21 PM today, mind you – we went to bed at 8 PM last night.
  3. Realized I do not want to see another dish consisting of chicken and rice for a long, long time.
  4. Been irrationally scared there might be a lizard stowaway in my suitcase.
  5. Transferred all our h-moon pics to my laptop and realized I was shiny in EVERY GD one. Aw poop!

But first things first, the wedding:

Cliché as it sounds, it went by just SO fast. Logistically, everything went swimmingly – the caterers made food which people ate, alcoholic bevs were consumed, music pulsed, etc, etc. SO glad I didn’t allow myself to become fixated on any small details – in fact, I take pride in the fact. Devoid of such Pinterest-inspired frivolities, I quickly realized something I had not before considered – NOBODY GIVES A SH*T. Feed em’, water ’em. Show ’em a little romance and badda-bing-badda-boom. You’ve got yerself a right fine little wedding. SHUCKS!

For the remainder of this week (which I have been sleeping away so far) will be spent chronicling our h-moon adventures in  Bali.


Plenty more where THIS comes from. heh

And then, you guessed it! I will of course be writing about THE BIG DAY down to every bud vase, glass of Veuve and twist of the curling iron.


closed-mouth smile for the win

So stay tuned little fishies, stay tuned!



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