Firstly and absolutely most importantly – the Seche Vite top coat DOES NOT WORK (for me). I can’t wait until I figure out where Fred Meyer is so I can run vehemently to the beauty section (Fred Meyer has the BEST makeup section!), grab the Out the Door and kiss that bottle all the way to the check stand. I have painted my nails with L’Oreal Pistachio Dream and a Summer Brights Barbie pink and BOTH chipped within 1 day. Out the Door is the best topcoat ever and I don’t know why I have lived without it by my side for this long.


I saw my friend Lacey this week! I visitied her in Lake Oswego and got to meet her littlest bb Charlotte – such a delightful, rollerific little tot she is. I could die at how cute her kids are. And Lake Oswego? UMMMM – why didn’t anyone tell me it’s Stepford down there? The neighborhoods I passed were like mini estates in Connecticut. So basically, I hope Lacey is ready for me to become a frequent stalker, err guest.


I did 20 squat jumps at the gym 8 days ago and my thighs still feel like bulging, sore, hotdogs. OK that is SO gross. I even took a pic to commemorate a time where I did anything in the gym besides mindless cardio. And behold! The ugliest picture ever in existence of me:


I look like a balding, 48 year man whom nobody likes

It’s no secret that I love to go shopping and Portland happens to cater perfectly to such a pastime. However, as of late, I have had what Bryan appropriately named “shoppers paralysis”. I cannot seem to make a decision or pull the trigger on anything. I’ll see an attractive item, examine the price tag, nod in approval and then find myself putting it back moments later. Could it be that my lack of employment is causing me to, dare I say it, actually think before I buy? If so, I need to find the anecdote for my ailment. Although, it may have saved me the other day when I almost bought a dress at BCBG for $200 that made me look like young lad of 12.


And that will conclude our ugly-pic fest for the day. I hope I can remain your humble, normal-looking blogger until next time. If not, here is proof:


::breathes huge sigh of relief::



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