What’s in my Bag

I am such a sucker for these.

Whether it’s in a magazine, on YouTube or a blog – “what’s in my bag?” gets me err’ time. Esp when it’s like Cara Delevingne’s bag. It straight turns me into that chick from Mean Girls:


Anywho – onto the goods!


Currently I am using the Tory Burch Holly shoulder bag in vintage vechetta. Pretty fancy name for a brown purse, it was a gift from The Bry and I lurrve it.


  1. Thank you Cards

Thanks Target Dollar Bins!

I always have thank you cards with me for some reason. I mean, you never know when you will be sitting at your desk and realize “CRAP! I never sent my aunt a thank you for bringing me cupcakes last week when I had a cold!!” You see? They are essential.

2. Wallet



Why YES. That IS a senior picture of The Bry himself!

This would be my black Hobo wallet purchased at Jackson Hole Bootlegger on sale. It was a HUGE splurge at the time and has served me quite well over the past 3 or so years.

3. Mini Makeup Bag


Valentines Gift from Bry’s Mom!

Contents include NYX Butter Gloss in eclair, Mac Fleur d’Coral lipstick, chapstick from Whistler that was $6, Rimmel blush and Covergirl blush brush, Yaby concealer, Jo Malone samples in Peony & Blush Suede and a mini Origins mascara. Whew!

4. Various Meds

For my ailments.

5. BBW Hand Lotion in Warm Vanilla Sugar


How can you not love this scent? I like it all year long. The formula is actually decently thick and moisturizing too.

6. Glasses and glasses cloth


7. Various Coupons

99.9% of the coupons I clip never actually get used. When I do remember to use a coupon, I feel SO triumphant. Like, I could have $200 of useless crap in my cart from Target, but if I used a $1 off coupon on ANYTHING I am SUCH the bargainista!

8. Weekly Planner


Let’s be honest. Since there are no kids, job, or house to run (haha, like I ever did that anyway) my planner now contains such momentous events as “last day to use 20% Ulta coupon” or “Dance Moms Marathon”. You know, the IMPORTANT things in life.

Enthralling, I know! What is a staple in YOUR bag??


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