For various reasons I have taken up running again. A looming wedding, ensuing honeymoon and extra half-inch of arm flab, softly hanging where a tricep should be perhaps. The gym is claustrophobic, pilates is expensive and lifting weights? In the words of Michelle Tanner – NO WAY JOSE! As a result, I have been heaving myself onto the pavement 4 times a week for how ever many miles or minutes I can muster. Since my mornings are presh (sleep) and evenings are full (moving), it leaves my lunch break as the only viable time slot. So, I strip off my ugly work pants in exchange for running shorts and return to the office one sparkling lady. Since our office is devoid of showers – you guessed it – I lady bath it. Recently I discovered these body wipes from Ban to aid in such a thing.


My thoughts? Don’t waste your money on these. I was suckered in by the “cooling effect” and quickly lost sight of what they actually were…a 10- pack of baby wipes for $3.99. And no judgie-wudgie for not showering after my runs. I don’t sweat that much.

The other day I saw this license plate:


Unfortunately I never got a look at the driver. Who do you suppose it was? An angry, divorcee who owns a 2014 Cathy Comic desk planner? A 40-year-old man that loves Magic cards and has a scraggly goatee? I guess we will never know.

This is happening in my car right now and it rocks.


Yankee Candle, I love you. I really do.

This stuffed animal alone has got me really excited for Easter:


How could it not?

And lastly, my extensions came in you guys. My sister Rachel said that they are too dark for me but the shade lighter is pretty blonde. I am TORN! Do I keep them and try to make them “work”? Exchange for the lighter shade and just get my hair to match the color? Or just return and try another brand? I need help. #firstworldproblems



And lastly, I kindof met a celeb this week. So stay tuned for THAT story!


3 thoughts on “Happenings

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