Random stories from my life:

Recently, I have gone into the city TWICE for dinners with Bryan. I always feel so grown-up and jet-setting, when I drive into the city for dinner. I like to think that it’s no big deal. I imagine myself a spontaneous, totally together woman who weaves in and out of traffic, tossing my perfectly coiffed hair and listening to french hip-hop. Sadly, that’s not the case with me.  I am only willing to brave such journeys at the promise of champagne, a good meal and ALWAYS the ballet. Last time, it was Place Pigalle. A french restaurant tucked away in Pike Place Market which has become a favorite of Bryan and I’s.We shared some delicious food, drank our bubbles and even ordered dessert, a rare but welcome occurrence.

photo (16)

New tights!

photo (7)

Champagne and creme brulee!

Another weekend, we met our friends Lacey and Danny for cocktails at Lot. 3 in Bellevue. We arrived at 4:30 and the hostess was like, “we can seat you but the table needs to be available by 7:30 for a reservation”. In all my years in food service, I have not encountered such a request. But whatevs, we sat down and thought for sure 3 hours would be enough time. But, as drinks with these two go, we were basically planted there. They did make us get up and move to the bar at 7:30 which I did with only a modicum of contempt. Obvs it didn’t stop our party and canijustsay, I love a couple who knows how to GET DOWN. An unexpected round of tequila shots? Hear, hear! These guys always bless us with such great conversation, its easy to lose track of time.

photo (11)

photo (12)

photo (13)

photo (15)

PB&J + Bacon Slider = perfection

My parents bought me a cute little vanity for Christmas. I opened the enormous box on my birthday and squealed with delight. But then. It was broken, so we sent ‘er back. A million years later, the replacement arrived. No directions. No screws. No vanity stool as pictured. The mirror needed to be attached somehow to the table and we did not own power tools. POOP. My mom was in cahoots with the owner so she asked him to please send us directions, screws and the stool. 82198 days later, the stool arrived and then there was the matter of procuring a power drill. MY LIFE. The predicament ended happily, with Bryan successfully screwing the mirror to the base with our newly-purched Ryobi drill. We were both sweating and kindof mad at no one in particular but we did it. And behold! HEADQUARTERS:

photo (8)

photo (9)

So happy and so scraggly

Also, we painted the walls of the bedroom pictured above. More appropriately known as “the ladies quarters”, this room is where I have been doing my makeup. The AWFUL blue color HAD to go, it was so unsettling!  So, one weekend I got all motivated and went to Home Depot, picked out a color and that was that. 3 days later I had a perfectly “cottage white” room. YES, it took me 3 days. Multiple coats and ceiling touch-ups were needed. I’m such a homeowner right now!


BEHR Cottage White

And here is how it looks on the walls:


Definitely NOT our house 😦

Upcoming excitements include:

  1. spray painting an old nightstand
  2. mom and megan coming in two weeks to do wedding things!
  3. the bag of original goldfish crackers in my desk

That is all.


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