Battle of the Wedding Makeup

Today I’d like to discuss a subject which makes up about 75% of my wedding anxiety…ME.

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Married, single, straight, gay, we ALL want to look like a million bucks on our wedding day. Any makeup enthusiast will agree that selecting the items I plan to smother all over my mug on the big day is a big ass decision. To some, this may sound ludicrous…”it’s just makeup!”. Others would simply leave it to a professional.

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I have considered both schools of thought, trying to take the “less is more” approach or maybe even hiring a MUA who will come over and airbrush my face. Two problems: 1.) Less is definitely NOT more, are you kidding me? and 2.) Our wedding is kindof a destination affair and I have ZERO connections to the beauty community in Walla Walla. And. I’m not about to entrust my face to a complete stranger who doesn’t know how to deal with my lazy eyelid and large nose!

I digress.

All of this adds up to the fact that I will be doing my own makeup on my wedding day, which will cause enough anxiety (thank GOD for Xanax). As a result, I will need to be armed and ready. With an arsenal of tried and true, bullet proof products that I can count on. Like the Marines.

Here is my proposed cavalry. *Oh, and please weigh in, in the comments!


Primer – Hourglass N° 28 Primer Serum vs. Smashbox Photo Finish


The Smashbox primer I have tried before. It has that silicone feel on the skin, which I happen to like. I have heard rave reviews on the Hourglass primers and selecting this contender since it is free of SPF.

Foundation – Makeup Forever HD Foundation VS. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation


The MUFE HD recruit has been selected for it’s blissfully perfect appearance on the skin and the fact that it does not break down. I haven’t tried the Estee Lauder double wear, but it is revered in the beauty community for having crazy coverage and excellent staying power as well.

Setting Powder – Bare Minerals Mineral Veil VS MAC Mineralized Skin finish Natural


Both I have tried and both, I like. I want to use a product that doesn’t completely mattify, but keeps me shine-free.

Bronzer – Benefit Hoola Bronzer VS MAC Bronzer in Give me Sun


I have used both of these bronzers. Hoola is great for sculpting and looks great with many skin tones. Give me Sun is just gorgeous and I think looks better with a bit of a tan. I will be in a very tanned state, but obviously still want my contour to look natural.

Blush – BH Cosmetics Glamorous Palette VS Mac Well-Dressed or Peaches


I have the BH Cosmetics palette and can probably achieve a nice peachy-coral glow with ease. However, although I don’t own a MAC blush, these two shades are strong contenders.


Eye Shadow – Stila In the Light Palette VS a custom MAC Palette


I LOVE my Stila palette but am very intrigued at the idea of creating my own “bridal” 4-pan MAC palette. Hmmm…

Lashes – Velour Lashes in Strike a Pose VS. Esqido Lashes in Voila Lash


I should also mention that (of course) I will be wearing eye primer, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and mascara. I’m not an idiot.

So what do you think? Do you have any experience with any of these products?


15 thoughts on “Battle of the Wedding Makeup

  1. Jackie Yeary says:

    Ah! Love this post! I’ve actually tried quite a few of these products myself. My wedding is over a year away, but I’m already having the same internal debate. I’m not a makeup artist, but I’ve tried a lot of the products you’ve mentioned and love them!

    Primer: Never tried the Smashbox primer, but that Hourglass Serum Primer is literally the only primer I’ve ever tried that A) Actually improves the look of my makeup, and B) Doesn’t cause my makeup to slide off halfway through the day.

    Foundation: I LOVE the MUFE HD! If I were to get married tomorrow, this is the one I’d wear, no questions asked. (It photographs beautifully, too!)

    Powder: I like the Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural as a setting powder when I first apply my makeup, but have stopped using it to apply touch ups. I tend to stick to my Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder. It’s super cheap, but in my opinion it works just as well.

    Eyeshadow: That Stila In the Light Palette is gorgeous! I don’t own it, but I used it to do my best friend’s makeup for the Marine Corps ball. The new Stila “Eyes are the Window” palettes are equally gorgeous. I own the one in “Soul” and love it!

    Good luck with your big day!


  2. StyledWithJoy says:

    This was a super fun post. I really enjoyed it. I love these little battles between makeup! As for primers, you read my mind cos I was wondering where the Hourglass Primer was. Now I see why you didn’t choose that one. Ahhh. Great post!


  3. jordanlovesbeauty says:

    So happy I came across your blog! First off, I love Seattle! Second, I enjoy your incorporation of daily life into a makeup review blog. Keeps it interesting! Blush-wise…go for MAC. I really love the formula. I have high end and lower end drugstore blushes and MAC is always my go-to. On your wedding day it’s worth the splurge! Another great brand for blushers is Tarte. I love this brand and the staying power is great! Myself, being light-skinned, I need to be careful what colour I choose or else I need to ensure I use a light hand when working with the product… they are definitely well pigmented!


  4. Jules says:

    Good for you for choosing to do your own makeup! I have never had my makeup done by anyone (also because I have no reason too), but I can see the concern!

    Congrats on getting married:D


  5. livcape18 says:

    If we’ve all used the MUFE HD and loved it I think you have that category picked! I am a lover of it as well.
    What color lipstick are you planning to wear?! That always helps me decide what to go with for blush. It’s weird, I know but it works.
    I wish I could get the hang of false lashes but they never work for me. It could be because my lashes already can touch my eyebrows haha. One thing I was blessed with was dark and full lashes.
    As for bronzers, I have tried both you have up there and I like the Give me Sun. For some reason it just makes me glow. You’re going to look gorgeous. You’re already so dang cute!


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