November Favorites

Yep! I’m about 6 days late on this.

(I was just about to add the #sorrynotsorry hashtag but I’m sick of seeing it and I would wager you are too!)

So let’s get to them products!


1. Stila eyeshadow in Bliss: Top row, middle shade

This color is my GO-TO crease color. It’s matte. It’s effortless. I love it.

s1346667-main-Lhero2. Wet’n’Wild Lipstick in Cherry Picking

Such a pretty deeper, bright pink. I heard about it from Fleur and I am so glad I did. Also, it costs $2!

4503. Starlooks Eye Pencil in Topaz

I received this in my November Ipsy, which I had mixed feelings about. At first, I didn’t know what to do with a silver metallic eye pencil…in 9th grade this would have been great 🙂 Anyways, I smudged a little on my lower lash line last weekend and kind dug the whole “snow fairy” effect it gave.  Since then, I have been smudgin away!

GemEyePencil_grande_1024x1024Bath & Body

1. Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Body Butter

Ermahgerd. This smells like pumpkie pie and I have contemplated licking myself after I apply this to my skin just to see if it tastes good. It doesn’t.

photo (1)

2. Purity Face wash by Philosophy

After an hour long conversation with a sweet sales-woman at Ulta, I decided to give this crazy-popular face wash a try. I explained to her my concerns: nearing 30, currently no skincare routine and looking for a little wrinkle prevention. Among several other things (like a Clarisonic) she recommended this stuff, noting that it completely removes makeup, can be used to wash brushes and most interestingly, it removes the wax coating from fruits! So far, I am really liking it and Bryan does too!

s407304-main-Lhero3. Montana Mountain Air Foaming Hand Soap from BBW

I got this for 2 reasons: the blue matches our powder room and because it said Montana. I mean, whaaaat?! Anywho, I am OBSESSED with the smell of this and sadly, BBW only came out with the soap (which I can’t find online anywhere) and nothing else!

pBBW1-15966150v850Random Faves:

1. My SEAHWAKS shirt a’course!

photo2. Having this car jar in my life:

christmas-cookie-car-jar69946293. Kristin Gehm and her husband, Bob on YouTube

I happened upon Kristin’s YouTube channel through Emily Noel or “Beauty Broadcast”. I absolutely adore her videos, especially the weekend vlogs. Also, her dear husband Bob is seriously hilarious. His demeanor is so great and I love the way they interact. Check out both her makeup and vlog channel!


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