October Favorites


Y’all ready for this?!

*cues Jock Jams*


Whilst in Maui, I picked up two items that I have been on an ongoing search for. We wandered into Longs Drugs and of course I couldn’t resist a trip down the makeup aisle. Here’s what I found:

0005005159757_500X500This Bonne Bell Lip Lites color is hugely popular with beauty gurus and 10 year old girls all over the world. The color looks real nice over the top of MAC Creme Cup and yeah, it smells delicious.

450I have been wanting to try the Jordana eyeliners given the line’s great reputation but alas, the brand is only sold at Walgreens and it’s mostly all nail polish. In Maui, they had the ENTIRE line of Jordana so I happily snagged this eyeliner. It reminds me alot of the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen but it is way more pigmented.

s1343961-main-heroThis I brought with me from home and was a sample I received from Ulta. I only wore makeup out to dinner in Hawaii, since during the day we were either swimming in the ocean or in a pool. I don’t fuss with the waterproof mascaras because it’s too hard to get off. I surrender to the fact that I look like one of those hairless cats and just move on with my life. This stuff came in handy when we were dashing out the door to grab coffee and I wanted to look not so much like a corpse. I just brushed a few strokes on my cheeks and lightly tapped it in to my skin. It also works great on the lips with a coat of chapstick with SPF.

hello_flawless_Another free sample from Ulta! I got two of the lightest shades and was able to start with the lighter and transition into the darker as my face got more color. I really enjoyed this foundation while in Hawaii: it has SPF 25, no oil and it is brightening (I have dry skin). It performed beautifully, especially on the nights where went out for drinks at sunset. I have yet to give it a try since we have been back since I remain true to my MUFE HD Foundation, but it was definitely a hit in the tropics!

Other Stuff

suave-anti-dandruff-shampoo-coconut-shea-butterConfession: I have a very itchy scalp. It makes no sense, really. I wash my hair a mere two times a week, so you’d assume my scalp would be oily, if anything.  However, after the 4th or so day of not washing my hair, my scalp becomes SUPER itchy. Like fire ants are on my head. Thus, I decided to pick up a shampoo to treat my condition. I remember using Neutrogena T-Gel as a kid and it smelled like DEATH. This shampoo smells like coconut and nourishes my scalp. And it’s like $4 so yeah. WINNING.

87E620F7-D715-4038-975B-389E3DA97A1AConfession 2: I enjoy men’s deodorant. Always have. Always will. I know the aluminum is killing me but I refuse to fall victim to B.O. In high school, I would wander into Abercrombie and spray myself with Fierce, just OBSESSING over how good it smelled. This deo I picked up in a pinch one afternoon at my local QFC in the travel section. I have now grown fond of the smell, very fond. It smells like men’s soap. Simple as that.

10154685I picked up this little set of teasing combs at Target and am glad I did. After a 3-day no-wash my hair starts lookin a little limp. I enjoy taking a section towards the middle-back of my head and teasing, with the help of my beloved Tres 2 hairspray. Then I just comb another small section of hair over that and pull it into a pony. Just gives it a little somethin.

554_PackShotLast, but certainly not least are these AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS Kashi bars. I was on the hunt for my favorite pumpkin pie ones, but they were sold out (tis the season). I could literally have an entire pack of these. It’s like a candy bar, only good for you. I should have handed these out for Halloween instead of Snickers! Or maybe not…


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