Here’s to G-Dot

My Grandma Dorothy passed away yesterday and my heart is heavy. 

G-Dot was very old at 94 years of age and was indeed, her time to go.

I went home over the weekend and got to say goodbye and she was so small. I held her hand. I cried.

My Aunt, mom and sister reminisced the ol’days at grandmas. The Pinwheel cookies, her TV that sat on the ground where we watched hours of Nickelodeon. Her toaster that made the perfect slice. The hundreds of dandelions I picked from her yard for a penny each and the trips to the dollar store to spend my money.The way she called Amelia Bedelia “A.B”. Christmases in her front room. Trips to Barb & Ed’s for dinner and ice cream at DK’s.

We love you G-Dot. We will miss you every day.



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