In My Head


We’re already nearing the end of June? Blimey! Where has the time gone and why am I talking like the crocodile hunter?

So, Bry rented “Side Effects” the other night. At the start of the movie I was like oh, poor Roons. I understand the crazies and have luckily settled into the right cocktail of serotonin altering goodness, but oh man.  The movie turns into MUCH more than Mara-Interrupted and Jude Law is nice to look at.


OH, my hair. My obsession with it is borderline crazy. Amanda Bynes crazy. Btw, what happened to Amanda? I feel like she went from Nickelodeon to Li-Lo in like 4 seconds. I have written multiple times about the state of my hair and because I know y’all are dying to know, it has shown little improvement. I use protein treatments, heavy conditioners and oils from Morocco and while they all contribute to a minuscule amount positive results only recognizable by me, overall I still look like a before picture. My esoteric motives for smearing clay all over my head are, in hindsight, quite puzzling.  I’ve got a 4 inch deep white-trash halo and Bryan has said, “I didn’t know you had brown hair!”.


Not happy

It’s time to face the hair stylist. Who will inevitably run her fingers through my straw-like locks and announce a recommendation for a 3 inch trim. Her words will be like a wrecking ball, forcing it’s way through months of enduring greasy hair, snide comments and the painstaking trimming of individual split-ends while watching TV. I’ll bleakly surrender and cry silent tears as I return to my previous state of mediocrity.

On the homeless man front, I keep running into the same homeless man.  Not being especially used to the bum population of the greater Seattle area, I find myself behaving fairly awkwardly. I realize bum is not the most politically correct term, but it is after all, my blog :).

I first encountered said bum in line at the 7-11 by my office (I hope my Dad isn’t reading or he will insist I work in a “bad area of town”). The next day, we crossed the street together.  Two days later, he was buying the following items at Safeway: Cheetos,  fried chicken and a 1-liter bottle of Mountain Dew.  I must applaud him on his choices.  Each time I have encountered this man, I have not avoided eye contact. I mean, he is a human even if he does wreak of urine. I smile, but the look on my face probably reads a bit more truthful – ‘I am smiling because I feel bad for you but I don’t want to make you feel bad so I am gonna keep smiling’.  Other awkwardness appeared when I held the door for him at 7-11. He muttered, “Have a good day”, to which I replied “You’re welcome.” A normal response.

I had an idea of tucking a little bottle of nice hotel shampoo and soap into his tattered Jansport the next time I see him. Bryan said this was rude but I think once he got a whiff of the Rose 31 stuff I have, he would change his mind.

The hunt for apartment furniture continues and the realization that no matter where I go, assembly is required. Also, why is it that I can find something wrong with absolutely everything? The furniture section on Craigslist has become my online hangout, my jam. It’s like a yard sale anytime you want it. One must be quite persistent to sift through the loads of crap but hidden gems are there for the finding.  I ended up snagging a white Ikea TV cabinet for our apartment for all of ten bucks, due to my tenacious refreshing and ability to see past the crummy photo the owners posted, read: stuffed animals.

Since I am my father’s daughter, I cautiously brought along my pepper spray to pick it up since Bryan was away to Mt. Adams. I pictured the worst: a dark apartment on the basement level that smelled like a mixture of beef-vegetable soup and cigarettes with World of Warcraft posters and paraphernalia from Spartan Cutlery hanging on the walls.  Instead, I was warmly greeted by an adorable Israeli couple in their late 60’s. Immaculate home and nice as they could be. I love a good Craigslist success story.

On Saturday I attempted the seemingly impossible:



A few more accessories were purchased at Home Goods, Ross and Target.  Next on the list is finding a rug for the living room that will bring a pop of color into the room so it’s not so insane-asylumish. I also picked up a new concealer at Mac and I am hoping it lives up to it’s rep.



Last Sunday we celebrated KC’s birthday with a Napa-style dinner at the Nash abode.

Jeep family:


 Check out this attention to detail:




Roses from the yard.


Fancy cake-mix




The Menu

This would be (from the actual Bottega restaurant in Napa): Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad whole Meyer lemon dressing, toasted Marcona almonds, sieved egg and Pecorino cheese. It was served alongside lamb chops with a cherry glaze and wild rice.



The pièce de résistance

It is now Thursday and Bryan and I are still full.


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