Crafting on Heavy Meds

Last Friday, I had two wisdom teeth extracted. 

photo (2)


At the mention of a needle I grow week in the knees, so needless to say I was not looking forward this procedure.  However, the gaping cavity on my upper-right wisdom tooth wanted out and I surrendered.  I wore this shirt, a gift from Nan who admittedly passed down this unrelenting love of suga.



Almost 2 weeks recovered, I can honestly say the ordeal wasn’t bad.  There were pros and and there were cons.

Pros –

  • Laughing Gas
  • Milkshakes
  • Hours of Call the Midwife on Netflix

Cons –

  • Insertion of the I.V
  • Chipmunk cheek (singular, because I only had them removed on one side.)
  • Pain
photo (1)

Ice Pack or Partial Burka?

Certain things can be pretty fun whilst doped up on ‘dros, like watching 19 Kids and Counting while emitting soft, baby-like giggles at the antics of Jim-Bob Duggar. Other things, like going to work or walking around for any extended period of time proved to be slightly more challenging.

With sister Megan’s bridal shower growing nearer, I have been in what I call Martha-Mode.  Martha-Mode involves hours of scouring Pinterest for any DIY project fit for anyone below the age of 10, several trips to Michael’s and Ben Franklin juggling armloads of Mod Podge, scrapbook paper, ribbon and of course, sequins.  I got crafts on the brain, people.


5c913d35de3565605978e8a0cca90fdc a5382252a827d2d7a2b1b2f92b106bdb 1dea97e8619eb2d57a0ac8b1260cc6d5 cea7ad99a839e3c7b2c0fcd2f47ef89c

The cuteness is overwhelming.

Additionally, Megan has graciously approved the playing of games at her shower.  Unfortunately, it’s a bridal shower so the poopy diaper game doesn’t really apply.  Instead, party guests will enjoy more traditional bridal shower games not involving melting candy bars inside a diaper 😦

Hopefully the DIY crafts I have and will continue to haphazardly piece together will not resemble the work of a kindergartner.  It’s a shame Martha-Mode doesn’t result in work worthy of Ms. Stewart herself.

In Travel News…

Tomorrow we embark on a lovely little weekend with the Nash clan to beautiful Lake Chelan! I’ve procured all the essentials for such a venture: big sunglasses, sunblock and of course Gushers + Pirate’s Booty (who are we kidding?).  Oh! And I have a delightful new book I’m about 1/3 of the way through so try to contain your excitement. And who knows? Maybe I’ll actually remember to snap a few pictures in my wine-induced haze. I’m making no promises :).


4 thoughts on “Crafting on Heavy Meds

  1. Crystal Boneck Hull says:

    Wisdom teeth are the worst! Why haven’t they evolved out of existence already?! I had 2 of mine out when I was 9 months preggers…as little anesthesia as possible and 2 quick yanks…traumatic.


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