Last Weekend Part Une

Happy humps! (Lovely little lumps).

I wrote this on Wednesday and it was muckalicious, overcast, gray and rainy (still is). Luckily, I have thoughts of last weekend to keep me warm!

With Bry-Bry hitting the books day in and out, we have been setting aside a little time on Friday evenings to have dinner, throw back a few and partake in attempted witty repartee. Last week, we happened upon Purple Cafe in Woodinville for our date night and it did not disappoint.  Crab cakes, filet mignon, caesar salad and of course, wine were consumed.  Our table was awesome and the food was delicious.


photo (1)

On Saturday, I kissed my study-crazed fiance goodbye and headed to Bellevue Square for some returns.

Item 1: MAC eyeshadow in Ablaze.


I have been digging this new-to-me eye look I like to call “sunset eyes”, where I pair orange-toned, bronzy, golden shades on my lids with an aqua-colored liner + shadow in my lower waterline and lash line.  It is really a beautiful look. I went to MAC wearing said look and the makeup gal buffed a little “Ablaze” into my crease to amp up the warmth a bit. I will admit, the effect was lovely. I was all prepared to snag the eyeshadow and the Baking Beauties  MSF (mineralized skin finish) in “In For a Treat”.

MAC Baking Beauties

Say La Vie

Dun Dun DUN! They were sold out.  So I bought the eye shadow and haven’t used it since.  I mean, who needs a $15 bright orange eyeshadow anyway?! #whatwasithinking

I returned the eye shadow for another MAC must-have. Wonderdust I call it – Vanilla pigment what what?! Not drugs.

MAC Vanilla Pigment

Go Get You Some

Item 2: Banana Republic sweater. Accidentally bought a 6 petite. Me + 6 petite = big girl in a little coat.


Item 3: ALDO ballet flats.  This store actually sells really cute shoes but you must get them on sale. I hope someone who works at Aldo is reading this because – I tried on a pair of flats in size 9 at the store and they were just a wee bit too small (their shoes run big, obviously). The sales girl and I determined that a 9.5 would be perf.  So, I spent 5-7 minutes at the register placing an order to have a 9.5 shipped to my house.

The shoes came…they were size 10 and basically the size of small tug-boats.  I went online to check and see what the deal was, which is when I discovered…they DON’T CARRY SIZE 9.5!  I was lied to.  So naturally, I turned to Twitter where I cooked up a tasty little tweet and hit enter. Here was Aldo’s response:

@cupcakenat In a perfect world we would have all sizes! Unfortunately we don’t carry 5.5 and 9.5! We’re sorry that you were misinformed.

I accept your apology, Aldo. Accepted but not forgotten.

I wandered into Madewell, Norstrom and other stores slightly outta m’price range at the mome.  Then I did something I haven’t done since High School – went to JC Penney’s.  Or Penney’s to those who know and love this purveyor of Arizona Jeans, St.John’s Bay and G-Dot’s go-t0, Alfred Dunnar.

It’s a shame to me that J.C Penney’s “new look” has failed.  As a kid who spent hours in Penney’s, hunting through the pile of 75% off Christmas turtle necks and finding a dirty diaper – the recent updates are a breath of fresh air.  The absence of clutter, over-stuffed racks and price tags with 7 mark-down stickers is reassuring and welcomed .  However, I fall within the “young” group where roomy aisles, pleasant lighting and less “crap” are viewed as positive. The little old lady, tried-and-true Penney’s shopper must feel differently.

I was floored by the new collab lines (excuse me, Marchesa!) and amount of items I could have easily purchased. The prices are low and with a little hunting, quality pieces can be found. I snagged two items for just around $60. Kindof alot for Penney’s but I was in love.

I Heart Ronson Dress

I Heart Ronson Dress

Joe Fresh Shorts

Joe Fresh Fancy Shorts (My legs will be tanned)

Also decided to get these sandals from the Gap, but I’m still not 100% sold. Feedback is welcomed.


Love or Hate?

A’course I had to pop in to F-21, where I have been royally striking out, as of late.  In the market for trendy, wallet-friendly shorts, I decided to purchase these guys.


Pleats? Don’t mind if I do!

Might not be styling these as girlfriend has, but then again I don’t consider showing a lil’ cheek a trend to grab on to. Literally.

Now that I have shared my entire shopping trip with you all, I realize I have written a chapter-book sized post. Apologies.

The next day was Sunday and was spent having even more fun.

Oh yes, it is possible.


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