May Grab Bag

Who doesn’t love a good grab bag?

A little of this, a little of that.  Grandma Dorothy sure does.


We do.

So without further adieu, here’s what’s going on up in here (up in here).

  • Bryan is on total CFA lock-down.



We’re counting down to final day where hoards of crazy financial-minded peeps flock to test centers all over the world in hopes of being apart of the tiny percentage who pass this series of 3 incredibly difficult financial exams.  Bry takes the 2nd in the series at the beginning of this summer and after one more test and 4 years of qualifying experience, he will be a bonafide charter holder. His name will be printed in the Wall Street Journal.  I’ll probably call  Suze Orman, just to let her know.

  • Romantic Strolls

B and I love our strolls. We live in close proximity to a popular footpath and like to take advantage while on weekend study breaks.  For the most part, I really enjoy our strolls.  Sometimes there are annoying cyclists who think they’re a Tour de France contender and like to loudly proclaim, “On your left!” as they zoom past strollers and kids on bikes.  Kinda makes me want to stick my arm out to my left at the last second, close-lining the SOBs in the jugular.

  •  I am addicted to Weeds.


There is something oddly addicting about Mary Louise Parker, maybe the way she barely moves her lips when she talks or how she totally pulls off the ultra-pale thing.  I also enjoy Andy’s character, then again, I do have a thing for comedic Jewish actors.  Whatever the reason, I can’t seem to get enough and have worked my way up to the 8th season on Netflix in a period of time I don’t care to share.

  • “Shopping” Online

The use of quotations here, indicates the lack of actual transactions taking place. One of my guilty pleasures is filling my cart up to the brim with crap I wantbutdon’tneed, then x-ing out suddenly and without warning.  I picture a large shopping cart tipping over onto tiny, baby internet elves.  Sah-weeee!

Thanks for checking in. I’m off to Spool 72 to put things in my cart.


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