It Was the Weekend and We Had Fun

Hello beautiful babies!

I thought I’d catch all of you up on the happenings of late. After I broke in my tired stems by trekking up tiger mountain, I felt last weekend appropriate for delicious food, downtown bounty and the usual shenanigans.  Bryan had pre-approved a shopping trip to Forever 21 of all places and I’m not one to pass up a golden opportunity.  I’ll take earrings for $1.80 any day.

Friday night was spent devouring pretzel bread Lean Pockets (say what?!) and laughing hysterically at Office re-runs we’ve seen a million times.  Dwight is always relevant.

Saturday morning began with finally finishing my book, The American Heiress which I mentioned here.

After some coffee, ellipticalling and CFA-studying we ventured in to the city only to be caught in the midst of a  torrential downpour. The heavens wept and rinsed away my fantasies of doing pirouettes down Pike, while wearing chic ballet flats and eating a Specialty’s cookie.

Like the codswallop I am (been waiting to use that word) I also forgot a raincoat and umbrella.  And enough about “real” Seattlites being anti-umbrella already. I don’t understand this.  I would hoist a yurt above my head if I could.  I won’t bash the locals on their perpetual bed-head or overzealous use of “cheers!” when concluding an email, but I am here to lead the umbrella revolution.  Rhianna, I will do you justice!


You can stand under mine.

But, I digress.  Allow me to step off my soapbox.

Our destination was SAM (Seattle Art Museum), which we love to frequent.   With rain and wind blowing all up in my greel, Bry smartly suggested we pop into Starbucks to wait out “the storm”.  People watching at our window table proved to be quite fun.  My favorite: A middle-aged man wearing khaki shorts 2 sizes too small and a hangy Dr.Huxtable sweater, milling around waiting for what I assume was take-out.  Just soaking wet with a very concerned look on his face.

Safely inside the museum, we flashed our Bank of America debit cards and received free admittance to the exhibits.  Basically, museum PIMPS.


Told Ya

We saw things, we pondered them and left a little more cultured.  Then it ’twas on to the portion of the day which I was admittedly, most excited for. SHOPPING.

Typical Natalie: When I have money to spend and the time in which to do it, I find nothing I like. Everything may as well be from Mariposa’s Spring 1998 collection.  However, when I’m on a strict budget and am not allowing myself to spend a dime, I see everything I ever wanted.  Does anyone else have this problem?

Granted, we didn’t go to Lush OR Sephora where I tend to exercise my wallet .  And of course, I could blindly buy anything from Anthropologie and come out happy, but their prices? $48 for a sparkly headband is hardly prudent.   I did happen upon a few pairs of rose gold earrings to match my Michael Kors watch of the same finish.  But sadly, that was it.  As a result, we hit one of our favorite restaurants, Palamino for the glorious all-day happy hour.  One basil gimlet and an IPA later, we were happier than a couple a tweens at a One Direction concert.



We stopped at Banana Republic and Aldo looking for the perfect pair of everyday black pumps, with anything below a 4-inch heel (for Bryan, obviously) and struck out.  Why is it so hard to find any kind of heel, be it wedge, stiletto or stacked that isn’t 700 inches high? #tallgirlproblems

Next, we headed to a Seattle ‘burb that I have now fallen in love with: Ballard.  We met up with Bryan’s brother KC and were escorted to a bar called Bastille.  It’s french so naturally, I died.   I felt like one of the cool kids, as I sipped my painted daisy comprised of vodka,aperol, grapefruit, lime and orgeat underneath a gorgeous crystal chandelier.


 For dinner, we ventured a few blocks down to Bitterroot BBQ for some tasty vittles, even though I kinda wanted to stay in the city of lights (Bastille).   Our food was yummy and the company even better.  We feasted on jalapeno hush puppies, coleslaw and of course plenty of q’ed up chicken.  I drank bourbon and felt the urge to say “y’all”.  I may have told Bryan we are having a Kentucky Derby themed wedding where I’ll make everyone wear big hats, pearls and get drunk off mint juleps.  I swear I was born in the wrong part of the country…and the wrong decade. But that’s neither here nor there.


After bidding farewell to KC and navigating our way home to the musical stylings of ABBA, I got in m’jammies and had 1 3 Frans dark chocolate sea-salt caramels (courtesy of the Nash’s).   We screened Chasing Mavericks,  starring Gerard Butler and marveled at the big waves, bare chests and man-faced leading ladies.

Sunday musings included shopping at Redmond Town Center to make up for my lack-luster performance in Seattle and a lotta studying for Bry.  We capped the weekend off with a couple of amaaazing homemade pies ala Bryan.  We used fresh mozzarella, San Marzanos and fresh basil.  Sidenote: How have I not discovered San Marzanos before now?  I die.


Bryan also put his bartender skills to good use and created a new drink which will now be a house specialty.  May I introduce you to…The Savage Daphne.


Bry came up with the name all his own.  Recipe coming soon!

I’ve got bridesmaid dress shopping on the docket for next weekend which means a trip to the Tri.  I’m sure the happenings will be enthralling enough to warrant another wedding themed post, yes?


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