Back in the Saddle

G’Day Gents!



How have I not used this title before?  Anyways, the point is Bryan and I have commenced this beautiful Seattle spring with our very first hike-o-the-season!! Extra punctuation is pertinent here, no?

Last Saturday, we began our morning per usual, with Bry springing out of bed much sooner than I, while badgering me with periodic updates as to the time.  Once I was up, I was given about 30 seconds to do what takes most around 20 minutes.  When Mr.Nash is promised a day in the mountains, his attention span is shorter than Miley’s hair.

Out the door by 7:30 and to Starbucks for his & hers mistos by 8, we were doing great.  Our destination? Tiger Mountain. Where neither of had been, nor knew what to expect.  I was “bajigady” to say the least.  Since moving from Jackson, the biggest hill I have climbed are the escalators at Nordstrom, mmmkay? The drive was beautiful and the company, cute.

Upon arrival, we were astonished to find way more cars than we had anticipated.  I guess we’re not in Jackson anymore.  As we made our way to the trailhead, Bryan pointed out that, true-to-form I didn’t look “the part”.  I kindly reminded him that, of course I didn’t look the part.  I’m not burning $100 on a pair of actual hiking pants at REI when my beat-up Abercrombie capris (circa 2005) will do.  Or succumbing to a top from Lulu when I’ve got a perfectly good hot pink hoodie from Victoria’s Secret with rhinestones.  I’ve got furniture to buy and makeup to save for.  My old running shoes are good as new as soon as I pop some orthodics in.


Hood Utilizer


The trail started off nice and mellow and then gradually got steeper.  I’ve always been a fan of trails that have ebbs and flows, ups and downs, much like life (philosophical) and Tiger Mountain pleased. Even in my “20 minutes on the treadmill” shape, I was feelin’ mighty strong.  And wouldn’t you know it, we smoked past every single person!  Not that I care :). At one point, I looked at Bryan and said breathlessly, “We still got it!”.  A high-5 ensued and maybe a chest bump. It’s real.



Of course any hike is not complete without a healthy dose of good ol’ fashioned drama.  This time it came in the form of a tiny critter which I openly loathe: a garter snake.  I must give them a nod of approval for their color scheme (black & white) but otherwise my feelings closely parallel what I feel for Spencer & Heidi Pratt.  Just complete and total hatred. Too strong a word??






Classic G.Danielson Pose


Ahh..Vitamin D

We thought the hike was around 4 miles round-trip but it turned out to be about 6.  Probably 6.5 if you add the walk to the car.  It took us around  2 hours car-to-car and I was pretty tired on the way home.  That is, until Bryan snuck in my old Dixie Chicks CD and once again I was ‘ready to run’.  See what I did there?

The rest of the day was spent painting my nails pastel pink, deep conditioning my hair and watching a Lifetime movie while Bryan studied.


Then we basked in the sun on the patio for the remainder of the 65 degree day and drank 1 2 pitchers of margs.  I pulled my laptop outside and made a station on Pandora comprised of Carly Rae Jepson (for Bry of course), Mumford & Sons, Lucky Dube and Taylor Swift.



A perfect day.


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