All Good Things…

…must come to an end.

Namely the 2011-21012 ski season at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. While this momentous occasion can be unpleasant for the 30 or so die-hards who put in 100 days or more this season, we summer lovers couldn’t be happier. And yes, the folks who skied over 100 days this past season do indeed get their name printed in the weekly paper. It’s quite the honor. But perhaps I should back up, because last weekend meant the end for other endeavors besides the mountain.

My bestie Holly’s true love, Matt put in his last shift at Snake River Brewery, or “the pub” for us locals.

Saturday started with an intellectual bang, as Bryan and I studiously claimed a table at the coffeeshop so he could study while I read. After 2 hours of financial equations and hermaphroditic affairs we decided to call it quits in favor of getting a bit of exercise. While Bryan continued to exert his brain, I opted for a 5 mile run on the treadmill. It hurt but as always, I felt amazing afterwards. TWSS. Yep, I went there.

That night we headed to the brew pub to celebrate Matt’s final shift with shotskis and beer shots.

Homeboy is Giving us the Blue Steel

Beer at Snake River Brewery

Matt Pouring One of Many Beers

The Brews

For He's a Jolly Good Fellow!

After beers were consumed, pizza was needed. We hit up Pinky G’s which is our all-time favorite late night food spot.

‘Twas delectable. Can you see the glistening grease? I gobbled the entire piece and then we accidentally ordered a stromboli. It made great leftovers the next day, almost as good as leftover Thai.

The next day we awoke and headed out to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort around 9:30 am. After picking up Jeremy, stopping for coffee and parking (for free!) in the ranch lot, I decided to warm up with a walk along the bike path. Confession:

I didn’t really need to “warm up”. In reality, I didn’t want to ski Cody, or Mount Buck or anything else treacherous with Jeremy + Bryan and sitting alone in the cafe with a hot chocolate sounded LAME.

Instead, I happily walked along the bike path to hits from B.O.B, Nicki Minaj and of course, the Biebs. Check out my view.

After a little over 3 miles I toyed with the idea of just callin’ er a day when I remembered that it was closing day at the Village. Ughhh. I told myself, “Two AV laps, finito.” Let me preface this by saying that the weather was super balmy on Sunday. We reached the mid 60’s by 1:30 and the snow was Gnarles Barkley. Bry and I exited the AV chairlift and I saw patches of grass and rocks all over the place. It was almost like the beginning of the Sound of Music, only without Julie.

Look how pretty:

About half way down this run I sortof had a mini-melt down. In my defense, I completely overheated, which caused irritability and involuntary temporary derangement. ITD. It claims the sanity of lots of skiers, I’m sure. So I proceeded to throw down my gloves hockey-style, lean over my poles and claim that this was the worst my legs had ever felt. Bryan suggested we finish the run and go have lunch. I think it was the mention of Diet Coke that really got me through it.

We headed to Nick Wilsons and annihilated a chicken sandwich + fries, gulped delicious DC, then joined the festivities outside.

Costumes were in full swing this year and true to form, anything goes.

Sparkly Blue Onesie? Why yes!

Jesus? Is that you?

It was a fun ski season indeed. A little less snow than last year but hey, weather is unpredictable. Much like what I’ll get from Redbox tomorrow night, or Kris Humphries. So until next ski season, I leave you with this.



2 thoughts on “All Good Things…

  1. found your license says:

    Hey Natalie,
    I found your license in the Village closing weekend. How can I get it back to you? I’ll check back here in a couple of days.


    • Natalie says:

      Wow, that’s awesome, I thought it was a goner! If you live out by the village, you can drop it anytime at Elevated Grounds Coffee or if you live in town you can drop it at Lees Tees on the town square. Or email me at and we can figure out something else. Thanks so much for contacting me!


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