Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Cookies!

Ok, so I know I’m very with this post. Most people are already on to posting about a new diet, 2012 vacation plans or still trying to return the hideous Christmas watch from Sears only to learn it is now worth $1.99. Hello re-gift!

I got back to Jackson about a week ago after spending nearly two weeks in the fabulous state of Washington, namely the Tri Cities. Looking back on the time I spent at home, I realize how different it is from most other people’s “home for the holidays” stories. Why is this? It’s simple. Our family is close. We don’t drop everything, plan cheesy Christmas-time pajama parties, sit around eating gourmet meals and especially, hug…Instead, we go about our lives. And I love to come along for the ride. So this Christmas, while the Danielsons of course enjoyed our normal Christmasy festivities, I also partook in lots of other day-to-day fun times which I love doing.

  1. Fighting the crowds at Columbia Center Mall. Who, I ask allows their pre-adolescent children to stroll the mall at a glacial pace for hours, stuffing Cinnabons in their makeup-laden faces and “macking” their pimply boyfriend during the holidays? We encountered dozens of such cases at CCM and when all you want to do is collect your $10 birthday gift at Victoria’s Secret, this can be quite the annoyance.


  1. Going to the eye doctor. Tried on some specs, made it rain.

Making a Comeback

3. Going for walks. We took Chloe the ill-tempered Chihuahua for a much-needed walk along the levy. God bless Dad and Amy for later trimming her nails.

4. Shopping at Ranch and Home. This is a must-do if you’re ever in Kennewick.

Humongous Safe

5. Reading, relaxing and coffee. I was able to pound out this little beaut in a little under 4 days.

6. Turning 28. Ew. At least my crown was fabulous.


7. Going to Christmas Eve Mass. We thought it was the kiddie version, with the little Mary and Joseph skit but it turns out it wasn’t. Fail. At least we got to hear my Dad play!

8. Consuming wine. Kestrel Platinum is my fave – not sure why…?

Oh, a cute bottle. Duh!

9. Opening presents on Christmas Morning Night. We ended up opening presents on Christmas night. Sister Amy wasn’t getting back from her job in Spokane until about 5 pm so we waited until after dinner to finally open presents.

Nan and Nat

Amy in Flannel

McDougal on Christmas Watch

I also got to spend a little time in Seattle! My Mom and I went over for 2 nights and we able to hang out with the Policars (cousins) who are just about my favorite people ever. I also got to spend time with Bryan and his family which was so much fun and very, very Christmasy. One night, we sat around the fire place, chatting and sipping Grand Marnier while I opened my birthday presents…majesty!

Speaking of presents, I got some amazing things. Bryan really outdid himself with this necklace and earring set from Pearls by Shari. Ever since I moved to Jackson, I’ve had my eye on this necklace. It is always in the shop’s window and for me, it just represents my life in Jackson. It is beautiful, unique and just so…me! Corny, yes. But I effing love it.


Another great day was getting to see one of my dearest friends, Lacey and her new baby Winston. We  hadn’t seen each other in SO long and it was due-time for a visit. Winston is of course, the sweetest little boy ever. He is a mama’s boy and I can see why. Lacey is a wonderful mother and friend. If you’re reading – I love you Lacey and Winston!

I was very sad to leave Washington, my family and friends. I feel so at home when I’m in Washington and while coming back to Wyoming isn’t the same, it was so great to see Bryan, Holly and be back at work.

NYE was totally cray-cray.

Sparkly Tank-Top Holla!

I kid. We actually went to bed around 11 and tried to stay awake by watching the Lion King. We stayed up long enough to mutter, “Happy New Year” to one another and quickly drifted off. I think all the Christmas boozin’ got us outta the NYE mood. Oh well, there’s always 2013!


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